Messages from your Angels & Guides~June 19-26, 2017

magic in the air

Yes, there is! That’s this week’s theme from your angels and guides.  It’s all about making the magic happen.  The thing is, you gotta be ready to accept good things, new and divine possibilities.  So are you?  Magic is afoot is right now, don’t be afraid to receive the blessings just waiting to be given to you.


Monday-Wednesday~Magic Wand





Time for a magic wand shopping spree with the Universe. Just point and wish….

Hocus Pocus, this takes focus.

Whether you call it a magic wand, a pointing stick, or a lightning rod, this is the tool you need now to hone in on what you really want. This is about aligning with Spirit to call in the really juicy part of all that divine has to offer. One minister we know says, “ask for what, now. Be specific. Focus. Say what you want but don’t tell the universe how to get it.”

That’s the surprise part! Once you say what you want, it’s time to let go and let God. This about aligning with Spirit and witnessing how truly wonderful it is to manifest. Whip out your magic wand and watch the magic unfold.




Totem Tuesday~Buffalo



Open your heart and allow yourself to receive. Gratitude from the heart will open the flow.
If Buffalo has come stampeding into your life;

Buffalo is a reminder that you are always provided for and that your attitude towards abundance influences the rest of this planet. It is knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred and when gratitude is expressed to every part of creation. Buffalo symbolism is prayer, gratitude, and praise. Praying for the needs of all creatures, for harmony and giving praise for the gifts you have already received.
If Buffalo is your Animal Totem;

You must walk a sacred path, honoring every aspect of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Spiritual Realms and you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts. A Buffalo totem will seek to help you establish a deep connection to the Earth and it will ask you to help the endangered species of our planet. He will bring you the strength of character and an independent spirit. It is the totem of abundance. Do not push or force, but simply follow the easiest path.

Wednesday-Friday~Personal Property

You are going for great sex, eating, and exercise. We SEE you embodying spirit.



Doesn’t this woman look refreshed and secure? She just had an amazing day and now she is having a midnight swim. Clearly, she’s taking care of herself. This is someone who treats her body like a temple. That reminds us of you! We’re talking about the emerging you who embodies spirit. You are learning to honor your body as a temple and listen to its messages. You are going for healthy exchanges when it comes to Sex, Eating, and Exercise. You SEE how valuable your body truly is. You are making a splash in the world.

When you give, it’s because you choose to, not because you feel obligated. When you receive, it is because you know you deserve all of the good stuff life has to offer.

 Just For Fun~Love Meditation

How’s your love life? If it’s perfect, you’re lucky. If not, use this meditation to focus on love in your life. Maybe you’re seeking it or you’re in a challenging relationship. That’s not unusual, as relationships take a great deal of patience and strength.

Whatever your situation, meditate on your specific needs. The goal is to consider how to resolve any problems you’re facing or find ways to open yourself to receiving love. Light a pink candle and sit quietly. Hold a piece of rose quartz if you have one. As you chant the following, see yourself being open to receiving insight:

“Love can be a challenge, relationships take care, Let me open up my heart with someone I can share. Help me know the one I need, to form a bond that’s true, Let the love that’s in my life endure, increase, renew.”  Allow the candle to burn out.



Friday/Weekend~Fairy Dust

Fairy dust is swirling around you right now. The winged ones are inviting you to take a chance and do a fairy dance. 



The fairies want to remind you, you can imbue glitter with fairy faith and invite in their magic.  Today, you’re being asked to renew your belief in fairies and the beauty of living in the moment. Throw some fairy dust around to release your inner control freak and invite in flow

  They even have a sales pitch:

“Try our latest product, refreshing fairy dust, it busts ego controls while making the office and house look sparkly fresh. Trust fairy dust!”





This week’s messages come to you courtesy Audacious Action Angels Oracle



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Messages from your Angels & Guides~ April 24-May 1, 2016

“Nothing is as liberating as joy. It frees the mind and fills it with tranquility.”

– Rebbe Nachman of Breslov



The theme for this week is Joy. With the unexpected passing of Prince and a couple of other celebrities this past week. It reminds you of the frailness of life and our own mortality. We’re here today and gone tomorrow. We are guided to live life to the fullest. To never take each day for granted, to live with joy. Life is too short to not be joyful. Life is for the  living.  As I said last week, I am grateful for each day I am able to open my eyes and see a new day.

As usual, the messages were randomly chosen, but always appropriate.  Do enjoy them , I truly hope that you do.  Have a wonderful and magical week! Until next time xoxo


joy balloons

Monday-Wednesday~Intention (Archangel Sandalphon)



Sandalphon is asking you to make a list of your many expectations, as these are the seeds of your intentions. Thought creates reality, and so, by revealing this card, you are being asked to truly specify what you intend, and to place a purpose to that intention. From clearly defined purpose your experience is wrought. The Angels want you to experience love, joy, and success. Therefore, visualize yourself and your intimates in gratitude, joyously experiencing the outcome of your intention– this is the kernel from abundance grows. Chant HAY in praise of the joy that you feel.

This message has been brought to you courtesy of Angels of Atlantis Oracle
Dream Den~



1. A universal symbol for joy.
2. If the dreamer is feeling good about life, that feeling will continue. If things aren’t going well, then that should shift very shortly.
Astrological parallel: Pisces.
Tarot parallel: The World.
Wednesday-Friday~ The Grid


This is the Grid, the living energy matrix of Mother Earth and the secret pathway to other dimensions and realities of existence. The power of the sacred geometry holds many keys that your subconscious is unlocking. This card shows your ability to explore and maneuver through other worlds and to bring information back from them. You may do this in the dreamtime, during meditation or even unknowingly while completely conscious and alert. Hidden within this card are messages only you can retrieve. Sit with this one for a while.

Angel Number 22: Your deep conviction manifests miracles and wonderful new opportunities keep the faith.
This message has been brought to you courtesy of Divine Guidance Oracle


Just For Fun~ * This week’s fun activity will be a bit different. It’s all about adding more joy to your life,the vavoom, that sparkle, and pizzazz.  So I am sharing this article to give you some tips on how to bring back joy into your life.*


7 Ways to Experience More Joy


Any activity, when performed repetitively, changes the structure of the brain. But even repeatedly imagining an activity has an impact on neural structure. Researchers at Harvard Medical School demonstrated this with an experiment where they asked one group to play a five-finger exercise on the piano over the course of a week. A comparison group was asked to merely imagine moving their fingers to play the same exercise. Though actively playing the exercise had a greater impact on brain structure than imagining it, by the end of the week, the same region of the brain in both groups had been significantly affected.

Each day, deliberately imagine yourself happy. Picture yourself in a situation with people you really like, or engaged in an activity that gives you a lot of pleasure. By actively imagining feelings of happiness or recalling happy experiences, you can help to encourage changes in your brain that will predispose you to creating more real-life joy in your daily experiences.

Even though the brain is strongly inclined to notice and retain negative experiences over positive ones (that’s our protective survival instinct at work), you can help level the playing field by strengthening your neurological happiness circuits. Whenever you’re experiencing a moment of joy or contentment — walking, listening to music, being kind, feeling grateful — don’t miss it! Pause to notice the feelings in your body and the state of your mind. Do you feel warmth in your chest? Does your mind feel light and open?

Now consciously intensify that sensation. Some psychologists call this “memorizing” the feeling. Either way, you are causing the same neural circuits to fire repeatedly, thereby strengthening them. Psychologist Rick Hanson calls this “taking in the good.”

“As with any positive state of mind,” Hanson says, “if you can develop a strong ‘sense memory’ of the experience, you can reactivate it deliberately when you want to.”

Countless studies have shown the effects of gratitude exercises on positive outlook. One study conducted by positive psychologist Martin Seligman asked participants who considered themselves severely depressed to write down three good things that happened to them each day for 15 days. Ninety-four percent of subjects reported a decrease in depression, while 92 percent said their happiness had increased.

Because experiencing and expressing appreciation has such a demonstrable effect, we highly recommend course participants keep a daily list of things they’re grateful for.

Here’s another exercise that can incline the mind to gratitude even during unpleasant moments: Choose a task or situation in your life that feels like an obligatory burden. Try changing your “I have to” story to an “I get to” story, and see if you arrive at a different perspective. “Now I get to take out the garbage” could create an opportunity to feel grateful for your working legs, or your trash pickup service — instead of just feeling annoyed.

Worry and rumination are chronic joy-killers, but they’re easy habits of mind for many. This excerpt of a March 2000 conversation between the Dalai Lama and a group of neuroscientists and scholars suggests a useful technique for heading off anxious episodes. The speaker is Matthieu Ricard, PhD, a geneticist and Buddhist monk:

“The basic way to intervene [when a troubling thought arises is to use a technique] called ‘staring back.’ When a thought arises, [instead of reacting] we need to watch it and look back at its source. . . . As we stare at it, its apparent solidity begins to melt away, and that thought will vanish without giving birth to a chain of thoughts. The point is not to try and block the arising of thoughts — this is not possible anyway — but not to let them invade our mind. We need to do this again and again because we are not used to dealing with thoughts in this way. . . . Finally, a time will come when thoughts come and go like a bird passing through the sky, without leaving a trace.”

When we’re stuck in resentment, self-condemnation or guilt, our capacity for joy is severely limited. Everyone makes mistakes, so it’s important that we learn how to let go of blame — for others and for ourselves.

Resentment consumes energy, even when we’re entitled to it. If you’re trying to let go of blame toward someone else, try becoming curious about a hurtful experience, instead of taking it personally. Taking a more impersonal view of disappointments can reveal their hidden gifts.

When you’re trying to break the habit of self-recriminating thought, focus instead on how you want to feel. Rather than dwelling on a mistake, recall the pleasant feeling you have when you choose wisely or accomplish something successfully, and let that feeling be your guide.

It can take several months for neural circuits to consolidate fully in support of new habits of mind, so be vigilant. You are wiring your brain to fully experience happiness instead of just relief at avoiding error.

One of the primary obstacles to joy is the feeling of being too busy. Even if we can’t pare down our schedules, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel happiness, peace or even joy in the midst of our busyness.

During intensely scheduled periods, try giving yourself “mini-breaks.” Take a brief moment between tasks and obligations to pause, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel what it’s like to be “outside of time.”

Even if you’ve just dashed down the hall at work from one meeting to another, stop for a few seconds before you open that next door. Close your eyes, let your body relax, take a breath, and come back to yourself. You may find yourself feeling substantially less harried and more capable of dealing calmly and consciously with whatever unfolds next.

There are a lot of reasons to feel joy observing other people — if we’re looking for the best in them. Seeing the goodness in someone else brings something real, alive and uplifting out of him or her. It allows trust to develop between people who scarcely know each other. And it allows you to truly enjoy your interactions with others without getting hung up on what you don’t like.

Try this: For one week, take on the practice of looking for the good in everyone you come in contact with. See in each person the desire to be safe, accepted, happy and loved. Even if you know someone’s shortcomings, keep looking for the positive qualities — creativity, humor, a caring heart, intelligence — any and all positive qualities you might admire. Notice what effect this has on how you feel toward others and on your interactions with them. Notice the effect it has on your state of mind. And enjoy it.
From Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander. Copyright ©2010 by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander. Used by permission of Bantam Books, a division of Random House, Inc.

Editor’s note: “Joy is not for just the lucky few,” says James Baraz, a longtime meditation teacher and co-founder of the renowned Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, Calif. “It’s a choice anyone can make.” Each year since 2003, Baraz has taught a 10-month course, both online and at the center, called “Awakening Joy.” Its goal: to help participants increase their daily quotient of positive feelings.




Energetically, everything is falling into place. You are coming into a high point where you will find you are able to easily manifest the people, things, and situations you need to carry you forward on your journey. The energy of manifestation is a creative force, and right now it is in full flow for you. Stay focused on where you want to go in your life and how you want to feel. Don’t worry about the details of what you think life should look like. The Universe is infinitely wiser than we are, with our human point of view. Just know and trust that things will come to you in perfect order, and in perfect time.

We don’t manifest anything that is not part of our Soul’s plan. So while you may not win a lottery, you can expect to experience abundance and ease while these energies are here. This is a great time to play and learn about the order of manifesting. While you will notice that most of what is manifested is done by the higher self, a smaller portion will be manifested from your conscious mind. Explore it fully and have fun with it!

Anything can be manifested at this time, so don’t limit your potential. Your soul knows no limits. You are a creator and able to turn natural energy into physical manifestation.
You can use this power of manifestation to help you gain understanding about your purpose, to help connect you to the right people or organizations, or even aid you in gaining the financial resources you require. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Hold in mind, that it wasn’t intended that you use your ability to manifest for yourself only. You can also use this to help others who may not know how to help themselves right now.
This message has been brought to you courtesy of Return of Spirit Oracle

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~May 31- June 7, 2015

“This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow.” ~ Margaret Lindsey

As always,  all messages are randomly chosen.

Monday-Wednesday~ Artemis(Guardian)

” Like me, you have a sacred mission to spread love and light. Yet, this isn’t a position that comes from tension or worry. Instead the gentle essence of a joyful heart and lighthearted laughter sets your power into motion. Why would there be any tension in your mind or system you believed that you were somehow unsafe? And how could you be unsafe when you’ve called upon the spiritual warriors to watch over you? Your prayers have activated the flawless protection of Heaven. So, ease your mind of all cares and concerns, and concentrate instead upon your holy mission.” ~ The words of Artemis

artemis guardian

Additional Meanings: The angels are watching over you and your family* Your  future is safe and secure*All your needs are being met and always will be* The worst is now behind you.

The Greek goddess of the Hunt and Wild Animals. She is the twin sister of Apollo, daughter of Zeus & Leto. She is the virgin goddess and represents purity and protection. Artemis helps us to concentrate and focus as well. She offers her protection to all who call upon her, especially women and children. Her bow and arrow is a talisman that helps her focus her thoughts and intentions. She always reaches  the mark of her manifestations.

This message comes to you courtesy of Goddess Guidance Oracle

Totem Tuesdays~ Octopus


The Spirit of Octopus brings you mystic gifts of wisdom, adaptation, camouflage, grace, memory and mental agility. Octopus attunes to creativity, the psyche, the spiral of life and the number eight (8), or the infinity symbol.

The Octopus Spirit relates to the intellect, psychic communication and innate creative powers. It’s a sign of success in academia and higher learning. A Water entity, Octopus brings revealing dreams and vivid memories. You can transcend the boundaries of time and space, and even remember events of past lives or incarnations.
The Octopus invites you to explore deeper emotions and unsolved mysteries, and open your heart to the natural wonders of the world. Your perception is keen. You can decipher complex puzzles and find answers where none appear to exist.
Octopus helps you adapt fluidly to new or uncertain circumstances. Adept at camouflage, this Spirit gives you the skills to move through strange or hostile territory with grace and ease. Just as the Octopus can navigate through narrow spaces, you can also find ways to succeed that may seem difficult or impossible at first. Spirit of Octopus

The Octopus can also be a sign of illusions, white lies or camouflaged facts. Watch out for procrastination. Don’t put off an important task or chore. As well, this spirit can warn of environmental neglect.
Octopus enhances your sensual grace, balance and flexibility. Seek serenity and go with the flow. Beware of control issues. Let go of past restrictions. You may be progressing through stages of personal growth that aren’t always obvious, but will become clear in time.
Keywords: Intellect, Problem-Solving, Memory, Camouflage, Spiral of Life, Balance, Grace, Infinity, Creativity, Psychic Awareness, Emotions, Secrets, Mystery, Sensuality.

Angel Number 8: Financial abundance is coming to you now!

Wednesday-Friday~ Sixth Chakra (Archangel Metatron)

6th chakra aa metatron

Clarity of thought, Personal Vision

This very powerful Archangel Metatron brings brilliant indigo vibrations to your brow chakras– or Third Eye–which is the center devoted to insight and clear thoughts. When this card appears upright, it indicates a much greater clarity in your thought process and an expanded perspective towards broader horizons. Some new perceptions are taking hold, and the clouds of confusion are clearing. In some ways, this could be a new beginning, for you’re on your way to developing a deeper insight about what’s going on in your life  and why.

Now is the time to focus on your personal vision. What do you want your life to look like in the years ahead? Create a clear picture of that and support it with your daily thoughts. The insight you need to create a vibrant life is available to you now.

Angel Number 40: God and the angels want you to know that they’re with you, guiding you every step of the way. Take their loving hands and allow yourself to be supported.

This card comes to you courtesy of Energy Oracle Cards

Just for fun~ What’s Your Angel name?


Friday/Weekend~The Dark Lady

the dark lady

Keywords: Unconscious power and wisdom, Rituals, Mysteries, Secrets

The Dark Lady is a high priestess of the Mysteries. She understands  how to surrender to divine power. She has profound,  intuitive knowledge that is only found by looking deeply into our own beings and natures. We find her through meditation and sleep and within inner peace, ecstasy, and total despair.

We may reach the realm of the Dark Lady through grief, through deep surrender, or through profound ritual. This card suggests that it is  time to withdraw from the ordinary world to revitalize ourselves through retreat and surrender to the source. This is a time of preparation for rebirth, of restoration and regeneration. What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed. Celebrate this passage through the unknown, rich, fertile, hidden realms of the Dark Lady.

This is the  time in the natural cycle of life when we open ourselves to and receive the inflowing energies of Himself, when we become power-full, overflowing with life force. It may also be a time of prophecy, magic, and foretelling of  the potential of the future–a time of self-awareness, self-knowledge,and encounters with the hidden worlds. Meditate, retreat, seek serenity and inner peace.

This message comes to you courtesy of The Faeries Oracle

June’s affirmation and theme:

junes theme

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Just For Fun-Virtual Money Manifestation

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Jasmine
Try this spell to bring in money for something specific that you need. You’ll need digital images of your need, as well as either digital scrapbooking or imaging software. (I use MyMemories.)
Mentally prepare yourself for spellcasting. You might wish to light a white candle nearby. Work on creating your scrapbook page up to the point where you have the background papers in place. Take a moment to create some word art
stating your need. This is the next component to go on your page.
Finish up by placing the photos and adding whatever embellishments you wish. The word area should be completely hidden behind the images. That forms the hidden intent of the magic. When embellishing, remember to keep the focus on your need.
Finally, either print the finished page or set it as wallpaper on your computer. Take a moment each day to see your need fulfilled.

Angel Message for June 18, 2014



I would love for you to meet ” Healer of The Ages”

Healer of the ages

This powerful being brings the force of ancient wisdom and profound healing. The light of the divine consciousness pours from his hands and heart, flowing to you with love and powerful healing intention. This amazing entity is with you now, bringing resolution to physical, mental, and emotional ills, helping you to unblock stuck energy and revitalize your life force. You may have felt this strong presence recently, or you may be just opening to the wonderful sensations now. You can call upon this emissary of miraculous transformation whenever you need vitality, balance, or renewal. Know that at the deepest level,an important healing is taking place.

Card drawn from Energy Oracle Cards

This card is numbered 51.
51:Keep your thoughts focused on a positive outcome during this time of life change. Even though you may not be entirely sure what your future holds, you can be sure that things are improving. Stay positive about your intentions and goals.

“Joy is nature’s greatest medicine.” ~ Catherine Ponder


manifest with ease

Angel Message for May 2, 2014

Is it May already? you bet it is..I can’t believe  They say April showers(it has been raining for 3 days in NYC and today is bright and sunny) brings May flowers. The trees are finally blooming and I love spending time in nature. It’s quite soothing, but I love rain too, not only is it cleansing, it gives us sustenance to maintain life.


The theme for May is Power- the ability to master, have dominion and control. And this month’s affirmation is ” I have the power to create my world.” Which ties in perfectly with today’s message from the angel Jamaerah and the power of ” Manifestation”

And God said, Let there be Light; and there was Light.

Genesis 1:3




Jamaerah(ja-MaAY-raw) opens space for your vision to manifest. This process begins with undifferentiated matter, or electronic light substance, containing loving energy from the Eternal. The force of desire causes this light substance to revolve, creating a circular structure, or vortex. These whirls begin to condense when they are received, clarified, and projected as visions by *Paschar*. Jamaerah speeds up the vortex and opens space for the magnetic attraction of matter to begin. As soon as matter is present, there is also present of the force of attraction, or gravity. Once space and matter appear,there is a “before” and a “after” as time begins. *Galgaliel* then adds the emotional feeling and depth that will give this creation life. The process of refinement and magnetic attraction continues until the matter reaches Earth as extremely fast swirling atoms. As a sresult, we are closely tied to the angels who bless creation. The atoms of everything we touch are the condensed essence of the Eternal. The atom is a living entity, created from love. Destructive thoughts and discordant feelings alter the ratio and speed of atomic particles, causing illness and aging. Positive activities of love and order permit the perfect ratio and speed to exist. You have conscious control through your thoughts and emotions to heal and mantain a healthy, vital body temple.
Desire attracts the visions that God wishes to manifest and nurtures them as they make their way through the Heavens gathering substance. Choose carefully that which you wish to manifest. Strive to break through self-imposed limitations, and bypass the psychic realms of chaos and confusion. Focus on receiving the visions of God that, step by step, guide you to the fulfillmment of your Divine Plan. You have the power through the blessed assistance of Jamaerah to manifest your heart’s desires. Choose to create from love that which will be a blessing to yourself and others.

*Paschar is the Angel of Vision and Galgaliel is the Angel of Vibration in this deck*

As you can see, thoughts are things… So whatever energy you send out into the Universe is what you will receive in return. So be very careful of what you are manifesting, as you know the old saying “be careful for what you wish or you just might get it.” That is a true statement indeed, so be sure to use your power in a loving and kind manner, with no harm to none and for the highest good involved for all. It is safe to be powerful, so don’t use your power to malign others, hate and/or self-destruct. Repeat after me : “It is safe for me to be powerful.” And so it is..
Have a wonderful weekend mes amis!

Card drawn from Angel Blessings Oracle

“Dearest angels…

“Dearest angels, please open the gates of manifestation so prosperity can flow easily, consistently, and abundantly into my life. With your help, I joyously receive everything I need and I am especially grateful for the unexpected opportunities that come my way. I am happy, fulfilled, successful, and prosperous in everything I do. As I continue to receive good fortune in my life I graciously share it with others who are in need.”