Messages from your Angels & Guides~3/26-3/31/2017

Good morning everyone! I wasn’t certain that this week’s newsletter would get out on time. There was a severe outage in my area which affected my cable,internet, and phone services.  However, all of the services were restored in the nick of time. I did something a little different this week. I hope you like it…


And now onto this week’s messages…………


Monday-Wednesday~ Friendship


Changes in your friendships are occurring. Be lovingly honest with yourself and your friends right now. And appreciate the healing benefits of a true friend.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. ” St. Thomas Aquinas


All my relationships are now harmonious and supportive.

All of my friendships are meaningful and rewarding.

All of my relationships are enjoyable and positive.

All of my relationships are meaningful and life-enhancing.

All relationships in my life are harmonious and empowering.

Dream Den~Bridge


As in waking life, a bridge in dreams can be a point of connection – linking two places or things. It may also be a way to cross over an obstacle, like a river.

Consider what the bridge is connecting and what it is traversing. What is on the other side? Where you are may represent your present; whatever is to your left or behind you may be your past and whatever is on the right or in front of you is the future. What is under the bridge? A river or other water can represent your emotions. Railroad tracks may represent a possible destination or opportunity. A chasm may symbolize something that is missing or undefinable; or something that you have overcome.

Crossing the Bridge meaning A dream of crossing the bridge represents making a connection, transition or overcoming an obstacle. If you are afraid to cross the bridge then you may be feeling unprepared or unsure of the future or whatever lies on the other side. If you are crossing the bridge without fear than you are ready to face whatever the future holds in store

Standing on the Bridge meaning If you are standing on the bridge, you may be avoiding whatever is below or hesitant to move on; or it may be offering you the support you need to deal with an unpleasant situation (whatever lies below). If you have crossed the bridge or are looking back over the bridge then you may have recently overcome an obstacle or come through a major life change.

Looking at the Bridge meaning If you are looking at the bridge, you may be contemplating making a change or considering your options for the future.

Falling off the Bridge meaning Falling off a bridge in a dream may symbolize your fear of failure – you are unsure you can make it to the other side – your destination, goal or future. You may be afraid of making a connection with someone; you may be afraid of the obstacles in front of you; or you may be afraid of the changes that you are going through.

Meaning of a Broken Bridge If you dream about a broken bridge or a bridge that is uncrossable, you may be blaming others or you not accepting the responsibility for your own failure; may symbolize an error in thinking, planning, judgment, etc., needs to be fixed before you can move on; you may have reached an impasse in a negotiation, relationship or plan with others.

Wednesday-Friday~New Beginnings


A clean slate is presented to you as you now encounter fresh opportunities and novel experiences.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Seneca

This year, I choose a path of happiness and wellness.

I can clearly see the blessings around me.

I nourish my body with clean food to live well.

Last year’s mistakes are released; I hold onto only the valuable lessons from them.

Powerful changes are happening; I welcome and embrace them.

Just for Fun~ Reiki Tag



To strengthen a psychic trust bond with someone, take some time out of your day to play a bit of Reiki tag. Sending and receiving energy is one of the essential ways that we maintain our spiritual relationships, and testing the system every now and then is a fun way to explore our compassion and understanding for others. Each person must choose three positive emotions or energies to share. At random moments in the day, energy should be sent and received mutually. When one person initiates sharing, the other must take time out of their routine to reciprocate. Test your ability to anticipate the needs of others by looking for signs of thirst, hunger, discomfort, or emotional need. Test your observations by asking for feedback, first in person, then over the phone, and finally using only psychic skills. Discuss the results over an intimate dinner, and for the best outcome, fine-tune your trust by choosing to adapt your techniques together.

Friday/Weekend~Spiritual Growth


You are going through a time of rapid spiritual growth. Enjoy the process!

“The hardest times to choose love are the very times when you can most grow spiritually. In fact, they are the only times you can grow spiritually!” Gary Zukav
All that I do is a reflection of the guidance from my higher being.

All the energies of the Universe are working in congruence with my beliefs.

All the energies of the Universe direct me to my perfect life.

An unbreakable link connects me to my higher being.

As I see how phenomenal life is, the Universe rearranges itself accordingly.
This week’s messages are brought to you courtesy of Healing Angels Oracle
I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

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Messages from your Angels & Guides~March 19-26, 2017

 If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau


This week’s keyword is Direction.  You are being shown new paths for you to tread upon. It is time to communicate and make your intentions known. You will be given directions for taking the next step regarding your life purpose.



Monday-Wednesday~Communicate Clearly

This situation requires very precise and careful communication. Don’t assume that others involved understand what you want or need from them. In-person discussions are preferable, but if that’s not possible, make sure that your communication method is very thorough. This message can also indicate that there has been a miscommunication that is creating a challenge for the parties involved. By clearing up any misunderstandings, you can heal the situation so that everyone can start moving forward again.
Totem Tuesday~Wolf
Take control of your life and do it with harmony and discipline.
If Wolf has made his presence known in your life;
Wolf is reminding us that although we see ourselves as civilized creatures – we are still animals with our own wild spirit. He is here to teach us about our inner selves and to discover our own hidden power and stamina. To see this creature is to see a social and highly organized animal. One that understands the order of things and the balance of harmony and discipline.
When a lone wolf is spotted in the wilderness it embodies freedom. When seen in a pack it embodies a feel of community. If wolf appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to do the same within your own life.
An animal’s howl is primal and penetrating. The howl is used to locate clan members or to let wolves from outside of the pack know their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl, this may be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries.
If Wolf is your Animal Totem;
You have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments and you know how to trust your insights about these attachments. You prefer diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights. This is not because of cowardice, this is because of a powerful intelligence. Often you maintain a network of loyal friends and family for when the going gets tough.
You are often very competitive and can become upset if the pecking order is disturbed, especially if it happens in your own home.
While seeking information and making an informed decision is a hallmark of this animal totem it is important that you don’t dally overlong in choosing what to do. More often than not, your seeking will lead you to the same conclusion that your animal intuition did in the first place.
If Wolf has come to your Dream;
To see this animal in your dream symbolizes survival, beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social circumstances and blend into any situation with ease and grace.
To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours. To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. There are characteristics of the wolf that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self.
To dream that you kill this creature indicates betrayal. Certain secrets will be revealed to you. If you are being chased by this animal in your dream, then it implies that you are unwilling to confront a problem that has been negatively impacting your life. Instead, you are running away from it.
To hear a wolf howling in your dream represents a cry for help from somebody in your waking life.
Additional Associations for Wolf:
Ritualistic in nature (applies to all of life)
Balances flexibility to establish harmony and order in life
New paths and journeys
Freedom to move within the realms of insights and attachments
Epitome of the wild spirit
Wednesday-Friday~Choose a New Direction
The time has come to choose a new direction for your life. The circumstances that you find yourself living may seem unfulfilling, or perhaps your heart is full of discontent. You know that there is something more out in the world for you, and you’ve been procrastinating following the guidance of your angels.
Make a conscious choice to be the person you are meant to be. Create an action plan for yourself that leads you in the direction of your Divine life purpose. Begin taking steps immediately toward a happier future!
Just for Fun~Cloud Divination 

In the wilderness, on a day when there are fluffy clouds in the sky, you may enact this divination. To start, fix your mind on something you wish to know, and look down at the forest floor for about five minutes or so. Then look up at the sky and see what shapes the clouds suggest. Interpret what you see based on what you want to know.

Friday/Weekend~Look for a Sign
Your angels have a very special and specific answer to your question. You can expect to see signs right away that will have deep meaning for you. Many people see white feathers to indicate that their angels are with them. Or they may smell scents from their childhood that they connect with a family member. Signs require focused attention, so be awake to the possibilities. Don’t mistake synchronistic events for mere “coincidences” at this time. They are a message specially designed for you!
This week’s messages are brought to you courtesy of Angel Answers Oracle
I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~March 12-19,2017

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

— Unknown Author

Good morning friends! As you know (if you live in the US) that Daylight Savings Time has begun a mere few hours ago.  That means we lose an hour sleep in favor of more daylight. This princess needs every bit of her beauty sleep….lol. But I am certainly looking forward to Spring arriving in a week or so. Even though Old Man Winter is unwilling to release his grip on us.  How about you?  I am hoping this week finds you full of peace & love. Now on to your spiritual guidance for this week.

Monday-Wednesday~I Got Your Back


You can spit in the face of fear, flip off those who bar the door, shake your fist to any who dare say no. Because you, sweet thing, are Divinely protected by the Divine most high. Always and forever. Amen

Dream Den~Castle:


  1. If the dreamer is outside the castle, there is some kind of barrier facing him that he must break down to enter a certain place or situation – such as an aspiring rock star hoping for a big break him his career.
  2.  If the dreamer is inside the castle, then he or she is safe and protected. A dream of reassurance.
  3. If the castle is viewed from a distance, then new goals and dreams are on the horizon.
Isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to do everything yourself? To know that there are unseen forces just waiting for you to give the word? Take a deep breath and know that whatever it is you need right now, guides and angels are lined up, at your service, waiting to take your call. All you need to do is ask. Yep, it’s that simple.
 Just for Fun~Meditation for March

The quiet days of winter are the perfect time to do magic that relies more on focus and inner reflection than on complicated ritual. Pick a morning or an evening when you can find a few minutes to be by yourself without interruption. Midnight is great, if you are up that late.

Sit down comfortably on a chair or cushion and light a white candle. Stare at the candle for a while, breathing slowly. Feel a sense of calm cover you like a warm blanket. If you have a question you need answered, ask it, and then wait to see if something comes to you. Otherwise, just be open to any messages the universe might have for you. Allow yourself to be silent so that you might hear your inner voice.

Friday/Weekend~ Knock, Knock
No, you aren’t hearing things. The Universe is sending you signs, guidance, Divine messengers…probably even neon billboards. Couldn’t be a better time to answer the door and see who’s come a knocking.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of The Oracle of E

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~March 5-12,2017


“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself.”
– Victor Hugo

Monday-Wednesday~Angel of Nurturing/Chrysoprase








Dream Den~



1. Reassurance that your dearest dreams will come true.
2. It doesn’t matter if the fairy appeared in the form of an elf, a pixie, a leprechaun, a garden-variety fairy, or a specific fairy-like Ozma of Oz, this is a very positive dream and portends great happiness.

Wednesday-Friday~Angel of Expression/Turquoise



Just for fun~Wish for Something New

March seems to bring with it hope and a sense of renewal. We know winter will end soon. It’s not surprising that according to the ancient Roman calendar, this was New Year’s Day. This spell will bring something new into your life. You’ll need the following supplies:

* A pen
* A sheet of paper
* An envelope
* A photo representing your wish
* A purple candle

First, write your wish on the paper. Then place the paper and photo in the envelope, but don’t seal it yet. Next, light the candle. Gaze at the flame and visualize your wish coming true. When you feel the time is right, close the envelope and seal it by dribbling some of the warm candle wax on it. Snuff out the candle. At Ostara, open the envelope to release the spell’s energy. Continue working toward your goal until you achieve your desire.


Friday/Weekend~Angel of Telepathy/Tabular Quartz






This week’s messages were brought to yo courtesy of the Angel Gemstone Oracle.
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I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /


Also, don’t forget on March 12 you must…….



Messages from your Angels & Guides~February 26-March 5, 2017




Hello! I know that I’ve been missing in action on my blog(s). I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth. What I have been up to is trying to build my presence on my Facebook page.  Why don’t you stop on over and take a peek?


Theme for March


This month’s theme of forgiveness, speaks of forgiving yourself. It’s okay to put the burden down. There is no need to continue to carry this uponn your shoulders any longer. Freedom is yours  and it awaits you. Let Go!





I’m sorry if I have been neglectful to you, my faithful readers.  Anyways, here is your spirit guided messages for this week.






Totem Tuesday~Lion




It’s time to assert yourself and your ideas. Use your heart to express yourself clearly and concisely, your thoughts will be well received.


If Lion has come roaring into your life;

He is bringing a message of prudence to us. In other words, this big cat asks us to not overdo in certain areas of our lives. Rather, keep an even mind and an overall balance in our life activities. This big cat is the ultimate protector of hearth and home. Listen to the actions of this big beast for he will show you if it is time to relax and de-stress your mind, body, and spirit. He is also about timing or your personal power. Perhaps it’s time to increase your community responsibilities and organize cooperation among your peers. He also aids you in recognizing and understanding your own noble and regal attitudes.

If Lion is your Animal Totem;

You are fiercely independent, confident and in control which is balanced by a quiet demeanor. You are also a creative and influential force and have the internal power to make positive (or negative) changes in your life and the lives of others around them. Most people with this totem are very loyal, and will defend friend and family honor to the death.

If Lion has come into your Dreams;

You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties.It is also telling you that you are more powerful than you think and that you have a lot of influence over others. It could also mean that you need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life. Alternatively, a big cat like this represents your need for control over others. You have to be in charge.

To see a lioness in your dream represents your maternal instincts. You will go to great lengths to protect your interests. Alternatively, a lioness symbolizes hope, victory, tenacity and stamina.

To dream that you are attacked by this big cat suggests that a force may be driving you to self-destruction. You need to overcome these challenges and obstacles.

To see a black lion in your dream represents a negative force. You or someone else is using their position of power to do harm.

To see a white lion in your dream highlights your majestic power. It may also indicate sudden awareness of the power you hold.

Additional Associations of Lion…




























Just For Fun~How many animals do you see?



Friday/Weekend~Angel Over Me





This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of the Spirit Oracle.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /




Messages from your Loved Ones in Heaven~January 29-February 5, 2017

“Today I call upon my Higher Power to help me accept that I am lovable. Because I was once unloved and deprived of affection I learned to not love myself and to deprive myself. Each day I am moving closer to love in all its forms. I am worthy of loving and being loved.”
— Bryant McGill

This week’s change in the program is due to the 6th anniversary of a loved one’s passing. So in remembrance of this young man who succumbed to brain cancer in 2011.  All of this week’s messages come to you courtesy of the Talking to Heaven Oracle. So I do hope you all enjoy and that these messages somehow bring you comfort.

Monday- Wednesday~Tears cleanse the soul


Your loved one in spirit wants you to know that it is perfectly ok to cry. Crying helps to wash away the impurities of the soul.  It is a very healthy way to release painful feelings. There is no scheduled time for healing. And that you can take whatever time you need to heal.People will understand, but of course, there are some who don’t understand.  And that’s fine too, that is their own issue. It safe to be vulnerable and it doesn’t make you weak. It actually makes you stronger. Just know that whenever you’re in tears. I am right beside you comforting you. Sometimes, you may even feel or sense my presence. Always remember that I will never leave you.

Dream Den~Heaven


To dream of heaven represents perfect happiness, bliss, or transcendence. A state of mind or situation where everything is working out. Feeling that everything you want is happening. Feelings about life working perfectly or feeling very happy to experience a moment of extreme luck. Situations in your life where you feel an exceptional amount of support from other people that may be unusual for you. Feelings of paradise or that a situation “feels like heaven.” Preoccupation with escaping a depressing or banal life. Preoccupation with restoring optimism and hope to your life.

Negatively, dreaming about heaven may reflect too much wishful thinking or desire for a perfect outcome that may be unrealistic. Expecting too much from people to make your life perfect. Expecting strangers you just met to perfectly fix your problems. Problems with accepting that the fact that you need to deal with your problems on your own. Difficulties accepting the hard reality of a situation. Too much confidence in strangers solving your problems. Naively believing that perfect happiness is possible.

To dream of not being allowed into heaven may represent a situation in waking life that prevents you from achieving total happiness. Feeling denied from happiness. Anxiety or jealousy that you weren’t perfect enough in some way.

Dreams of heaven may occur for people who are very religious and experiencing anxiety about God thinking they are a good person when they die.

Dreams of heaven are also common to people who may have had a very hard life (disabilities, bad family, bad luck) and believe that supportive people they meet for the first time are going to solve their problems.

Example: A deaf woman with severe disabilities dreamed of being in heaven. In waking life she had met someone off the internet and then began to believe that they might help her to fix some of her problems when nobody else ever wanted to help her. The heaven symbolism may have reflected her naive belief that the new person she met off the internet would make her life perfect as deaf people tend to have issues with trusting people.

Wednesday-Friday~My mind is free


Your loved one in spirit wants you to know that they are no longer suffering from earthly cares. All the stress, anxiety, worry about the future, the present, the past no long exist.  They know now it was futile to let themselves be burdened by these troubles. Most of the issues that bothered never manifested in real life. And for the things that did, most likely happened due to fearful and negative thinking.  Because fear attracts negativity. They only wished that they lived their lives more carefree. But this knowledge has released them from the bondage of earthly cares. And this is the greatest wish they have for you: Give your worries to Heaven and never hang onto them. Because life is meant to be lived.

Just For Fun~The first 4 words you see describe you






Friday/Weekend~It is not your fault




Your loved one in spirit wants you to know that is time to stop beating yourself up. Why? For thinking that you caused their death. Or that you somehow in someway thought you were responsible for their death. They are saying  YOU WERE NOT!!  It is quite easy to take the blame.  But you should know no matter what you could or should have done. It was just my time to go, please understand that. I am releasing you from any responsibility of my passing on. So please let yourself be relieved from guilt. This will make you feel better and it will help me as well.  The universe is perfect in its makeup, and what we think is a ‘coincidence’ is just God’s way of remaining anonymous. Start now by being kind to yourself, it is time.

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I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~January 22-29, 2017

Good Morning my friends! I hope you’re doing well. Here is your spiritual guidance for this week. 

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

— Marianne Williamson  


 Monday-Wednesday~ Raziel/Dreams


Your dreams are one the of most powerful oracles you access, and Raziel illustrates that messages are filtering through your dream kingdom at present, which will help you with your next important life decision. Don’t worry if you cannot remember your dreams, as your unconscious has them in store for the Higher Self or Ka to interpret. Try to keep a dream journal to develop the ability to read the metaphors of this part of your consciousness. Sit in stillness to assist the interpretation of your consciousness.



Dream Den~




  1. Energy; drive. The dreamer needs to prepare herself for an increased level of stress and activity.
  2. If the dreamer is burned, trouble lies ahead. Look to other symbols in the dream as to how to prepare for it and resolve it.
  3. If the dreamer avoids being burned, a sticky situation will be quickly resolved.
  4. A roaring bonfire or a welcome blaze in a fireplace signifies good news, security, a period of hope after a stint of difficulties.

Astrological parallel: Aries, Mars.




Beloved, you are a child of God and a peace lover at heart. This angelic Oracle comes to you as a signal that new love, or a renewed love is dawning for you. See life through the compassionate eyes of your guardian Angel who emanates the Christos, and perceive that love as being uncompromisingly beautiful. Look to the beauty that you will create for all, in radiance of your love, which is a prism of the Divine. Shifting your perspective to the angelic realm means you become a human Angel, and start to spark miracles all around you. Chant Om Namah Shivaya to enliven your peace.


 Just For Fun~Pick A Number


BEFORE you read below the dotted line below at this page, pick a number between 1 and 10 (or more than one number if you wish).

You might want to take a moment to just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes perhaps, and intend on choosing a number that is appropriate for you at this time from 1-10. Perhaps one pops out immediately, or just ‘feels right’.

Once you have your number, read the message next to your number below. It’s a message for you, right now.

You might think the possibility of that is a little silly or implausible, and that’s OK. Think of it as a game, if you like. Have a go for the fun of it if nothing else.

At the deepest level, we are all connected by the Universal Mind, or what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious. I believe a part of you (call it your Higher Self, if you like), already knows the message which is most appropriate for you below. This is how it works with picking oracle cards, for example, or when you know your friend is about to call, or the “100th Monkey Effect” phenomena, etc.

You can also look at it from this perspective: you are co-creating your reality in every moment, including the message you are about to receive. As quantum science now proves, nothing exists until it is observed. Intend that the message you receive is one most suited to you at this time, and receive that which is appropriate from the universe.

Once you’ve read your message, you can pick a second number and repeat if you wish, or return another time and repeat, or even have a peek at them all 🙂

♥ Aine Belton

—————————– READ YOUR MESSAGE BELOW —————————-

1) Spontaneity

If you want life to be a fun ride, be spontaneous and open to surprise.”

Is there an area of your life in which you currently feel in a rut, bored, restless, down or monotonous? Do you feel stifled or numbed by routine? Is this constricting or depleting your energy in some way?

Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity.

Allow yourself to let loose a little, to let go of the reins of order and how things ‘should’ be. Allow structure to soften, and let up on control.

Try something new, open to the unexpected or do something out of the ordinary. This can freshen and juicen up your life. It may require stepping outside your comfort zone, or saying “Yes” to something you might tend to veer against (something potentially positive, of course!), or a possible change in routine.

Spontaneity can bring greater flow, freedom, synchronicity, adventure, joy and renewed enthusiasm into your life! It can also open you to receive more from the universe as you respond to its nudges and opportunities.

If you are controlling things too regimentally life gets dry and rigid and there is less opening for the universe to gift you with blessings and sweet surprises.

Simply saying “Yes” to life more in general – be that to invites, experiences, opportunities, and possibilities, can make your life come alive. In this sense you are going with the flow, walking through the doors that may be opening, and allow new births in your life.

You can also be proactively spontaneous. In addition to responding to new opportunities as they arise, you can consciously do something more last minute, impromptu and off-the-cuff, take a risk, trying something new, different or unusual, etc.

All of this can invite positive change, new beginnings, fun, and fresh air into your life.

Obviously use discernment. I’m not talking about being rash or irresponsible, but to relinquish rigidity and control a little and allow more colour, dance and adventure into your life.

2) Beauty

Beauty is alive in every moment, riding the breath of life to remind you of the flower that is your heart.”

Are you open to the beauty of life, the beauty of YOU, the beauty in others and the world?

The truth of who you are is ineffably beautiful. Beauty is woven into your divine nature. It is the fragrance of your true self.

Beauty is also a gateway to the sacred, and beautiful states of being.

In the breathless hush of beauty the heart opens to the sacred.”

Nature, so imbued with beauty and love, demonstrates the beauty of divinity in form, the wonder of and splendour of creation.

And yet beauty in its essence is beyond form, and can be witnessed beyond eyes with the heart. Beauty has a magic all of its own. When you open to experience beauty, you open to higher more blissful states of awareness, realms of consciousness beyond the physical, the light and radiance beyond the known, to mystery, and to love.

Beauty will nourish and nurture your soul. Take some quiet time to witness and soak in the beauty of nature, or to stop and feel the beauty in your heart, the beauty of your love, your care, your strengths, talents, and positive attributes.

Open to the beauty inherent in people in your life, the beauty of a thought or feeling even, or a given moment in time, or the sheer beauty and wonder of life itself!

Those who seek for beauty, find it.”

Let heart and soul be touched and opened by beauty. Let beauty remind you of the sacredness that you are.

3) Patience

There is a rhythm and pace to life. If we push too hard against it with impatience, expectations and demands, it doesn’t serve us.

Yes, you create your reality, but there is a bigger picture, and there can be optimum times for certain events to occur, or a series of steps and inner changes that may be appropriate to occur first to facilitate a manifestation, which you may not be consciously aware of. These can help lay foundation, be it practically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

The moon waxes and wanes, night follows day, seasons change. Just as nature has a rhythm to it, so do you and your life. There are ebbs and flows of energy occurring in your being and life. There are optimum times to reap, plant and sow, etc. Obviously, choice is always yours for the taking, and life always yours for the making! This message is about the qualities of patience in that dance of creation.

Be sensitive to the flow of energy and times in your life, and patient where needed. Baby steps can lead to monumental change. Rushing isn’t always productive. In fact, time often slows down when you do!

Keep momentum, but allow life to have cadence, allow yourself to pause, give yourself permission to rest and recharge when necessary, to reflect, pause and ponder, and spur forward when you feel called, etc.

Listen to your heart and your body regarding when to act and when not to, and be patient with the movement of events in your life. Do your bit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (desire, dream, open to inspiration, believe, act, open to receive, etc.), and trust things are turning in your favour as you move towards your visions and goals. Don’t try to force or control things, be positive and expectant, but relaxed, open, trusting and patient.

Take having a conversation with someone, as an example. There are times to listen, and times to speak. There are times to pause. There are magic moments when eyes meet and feelings flicker and speak beyond words. There is a movement, a dance. Just as you pay attention in conversation and are sensitive and patient with this flow of movement, be so in all areas of your life. Listen to your intuition and what your expanded wise self wants to share about the movement, changes, initiations and instigations in your life.

Being patient is about changing gears when and where necessary, and allowing life to move in accordance and harmony with divine will; to weave your life co-creatively with the universe.

4) Lighten Up!

Are you taking life or yourself too seriously, or some area or situation in your life?

This is just a gentle nudge to remind you to lighten up. When you lighten up, even laugh at yourself or a situation if you can, you can free the grip of the story, help to bust your ego and allow new perspectives.

Think of times when you are having fun, laughing and enjoying yourself, how your worries and cares dissipate or even disappear, sometimes never to return, or not to the same degree. Laughter is healing, and lightness of heart frees you of lower constricting states such as fear, pity, resentment, etc.

This isn’t about denying other emotions. Obviously there are times when you may need to experience, process and release dark emotions – to feel them so you can free them, etc. – but lightening up in general can do wonders to your overall attitude and state.

If you can find humour in a situation it can help you to see it differently, and help you take your power back.

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” ~Einstein

If you find it hard to lighten up (and obviously this may depend on the severity of the situation, and may be inappropriate to your particular situation), start by imagining yourself in a light and relaxed state. Connect to a future you that is feeling happy, bright, relaxed, joyous, giggly, and all-round light-hearted.

Experience this you, get a sense of their energy, feel the feelings and care-freeness. You can also imagine this you stepping into you and melding with you to invite these qualities and this light-hearted self into your being.

Of course, then there’s regular things that would lift your heart and bring you joy, like hanging out with friends, celebrating, going on a trip, going to a comedy show, watching funny YouTube vids, etc. And then there’s stuff you’ve never done or don’t often do that would be fun for you. Write yourself a “Joy List”.

Let laughter blow out the cobwebs and effortless raise your vibration.

Even remembering something funny that happened in the past can lighten your mood in the present.

5) What do you want?

What is it you really want? Do you know? Are you clearer in some areas than others? Is there an area of your life that feels foggy that it may help to get clearer on what your HEART truly desires? (Check out “Manifesting from the Heart” for more on that).

One way to invite more of what you love into your life is to get clear about what you love, what brings you happiness and joy, whether it be in the area of relationships, career, fun, etc., and whether they are experiences of being, doing or having (being more at peace/centred/joyous/adventurous, doing more exercise/giving/laughing, having greater wealth/a new home/more holidays, etc).

When you are clear about what you want it is easier to put your focus towards that end, and direct your thoughts and imagination into the manifestation of those realities, as well as take practical steps towards them.

Get in touch with what your heart really wants, your deepest wishes, passions and joys.

Getting clear on what you want will also shift your orientation and focus away from what you don’t want.

Have you been focusing on your past, on pain, negative situations, doubts, fears, and so on, rather than bright futures? I’m not suggesting denying certain thoughts and feelings (you may want to acknowledge them to process and release where necessary), but the message here is to shift your attention towards the positive and align to the bright futures to assist in drawing them into your reality now.

Shift your focus from fears and problems to solutions and desired outcomes.

It is sometimes possible that you have a split mind about what you want, where consciously you want one thing, yet unconsciously there may be a hidden agenda, resistances, unconscious motives or limiting beliefs that run counter to those outcomes. Becoming conscious of these can help, as what you recognize and acknowledge you can do something about, resolve, let go, integrate, change, move beyond, etc.

Do more of what you love, today and everyday!

Are you allowing yourself to dream and get in touch with what would make your heart sing and bring utmost joy in all areas of your life?

Pick an area of your life you’re wanting to enhance, whether it’s social, romantic, career or health, and write down what it is you really want, what you wish to be experiencing, how you wish to be feeling, what you wish to be doing, being and having.

You can even discover some wants by looking at what you don’t like in your life and deciding what you would like instead “xyz” that is currently the case in your reality.

What do you really LOVE? What makes you come alive and lights up your soul? What are your gifts, talents, passions and joys?

After writing down what your wants, write down why that want is important to you. This can be revealing. Perhaps it’s more freedom that you’re seeking, and that’s why you want a change in your career, for example, or greater love, fulfillment, peace, expression, creativity, acknowledgement, etc.

You can, of course, turn your wants into goals. Either way, writing down your desires in itself asserts your wishes to the universe and clarifies them for you also. Get in touch with your deepest wishes, be intimate and open with yourself, and announce them in writing. This can help you unearth them and from there on, focus and work towards them.

You can get more specific with goals-setting, time-lines, action steps, etc., if this is something that resonates, but start by getting in touch with what your heart really desires so the universe can assist you more, and YOU can assist you more, in manifesting them. Doing so will give you greater clarity and direction so you can take more solid steps with momentum and enthusiasm.

Just how good could life get? Dare to imagine!

6) Openness

Do you have a tendency to keep yourself or your thoughts and feelings closed to people or the world? Do you fear vulnerability? Or D=do you shut down or shut yourself off from opportunities, possibilities, ideas, love, intimacy, or certain situations?

On a scale of 1-10, how open are you to others, with your thoughts, feelings, in your relationships, career, etc. Are you more open to giving than receiving, or vice versa?

I’m not necessarily suggesting here that you blurt out everything you think and feel. Be sensitive to what feels appropriate at a given time, etc. Letting people into your life requires a certain level of openness and vulnerability, particularly if you want to let people get to know you, get close, and allow deeper relationship.

Furthermore, people aren’t mind readers. If you don’t let them know what’s going on inside in your heart and mind, communication suffers, they can’t get to know you, and you block intimacy and authentic relationship.

There are reasons you may feel guarded about being open, perhaps due to past experiences, hurts, a fear of judgment, rejection, betrayal, etc. It takes courage to be vulnerable, yet the rewards are rich and beautiful and so worth it.

The more you trust and value yourself, the easier this will become.

Love wants to be given to you in every moment if you are open and willing to receive. It may come in many forms, through friends and loved ones, successes and serendipities, people you meet, opportunities that come your way, and the wonder, beauty and joy of life itself.

There can be blocks around receiving, of course. We can resist receiving just as we resist love, or perhaps feel we don’t deserve it, or fear the intimacy that may come with it, etc.

Allow openness at a level and apace that is manageable for you and not overwhelming. You might start with small steps, opening the door bit by bit. Be courageous, and intend on that which is for your highest. Trust in the love that wants to be given to you, in the blessings that want to come your way, and open to receive. And share more of who you are, for that is why you are here. You have so much to give, just in being you!

Open to giving and receiving at a new level.

7) Trust

Trust is a generating energy and puts the power of your mind towards positive outcomes.

I’m not talking about naivety or trusting where it’s inappropriate, however.

Here are some examples of trust I’m referring to:

Trust in yourself.

Trust in the love the universe has for you.

Trust in the power of your heart’s desires and your intentions.

Trust in your love, goodness and capabilities.

Trust in your power as a creator.

Trust in the positive outcome of your goal.

Trust in the healing power of love.

Trust that you are on a co-creative journey, that there is a bigger picture, and that there is love, help and guidance available to you in every moment.

Trust that the universe wants you to have what you desire as much as you do.

Trust that you are loved more than you know, more than you will ever know!

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can have what you desire with belief, intention, positive expectation, and a willingness to receive.

Trust brings with it a greater sense of ease, faith and confidence, and lessens your desire to control or have things be a certain way, allowing life to manifest in a way that most serves you.

If there is an area of your life you are fearful or doubtful around, lean into trust, get a sense of it, embrace it, let it embrace and carry you.

You deserve the best, ever and always, whether you realise that or not. The universe wants the best for you in every moment. You are the only one who can stand in your way.

Be kind and loving to yourself, and let the winds of trust take you to beautiful realities and desired outcomes.

Trust the turning of the tide. Have faith and hope in your heart. Hold bright visions of the future you desire to create, make positive choices for yourself and commit to those through action.

Release your dreams and visions into the world. Trust, believe, open to receive and expect their materialization in your world in the highest and best way for you!

8) Flow

The universe is encouraging you to allow more flow into your life. Love always opens you to greater flow. Consciously working with manifesting techniques also helps to activate flow.

Flow happens when you feel in harmony and have a sense of trust and optimism, and is often reflected in synchronicities, blessings and opportunities manifesting on your path.

Are you open to the opportunities coming your way? Are you being repeatedly ‘nudged’, by your intuition or external signs and pointers, for example, in a certain direction? Is there a new hobby, project, career move, attitude, routine, or a positive change in your life that you feel called towards at this time? Are there certain doors that are opening, and others that are closing? Or could you just relinquish your grip on how things ‘should be’ and loosen-up a little more to allow more flow to enter your life?

Being in flow allows life to become less stressful, and more fun, easy and magical. It requires a level openness, humility and letting go.

Are you wanting things to be a certain way or trying to control things? Let go of anything you’re holding onto – be it bad feelings, shoulds, or expectations and allow life to become the beautiful dance it was always meant to be.

Flow is enhanced the more you embrace the truth that you deserve. You deserve all your heart desires, whether you feel that way or not, and the universe is ever on your side. Are you? You are ultimately the only one that can get in your way; your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, choices, and so on.

You are loved totally and unconditionally by the heart of creation. Open to receive that love. Let it show up in the form of positive events, people and successes you attract. Be open to the new and trust in turnings of the tide. Follow your intuition, take bold happy steps to towards your dreams, be spontaneous, and dare to explore outside your comfort zone.

Trust in the flow, it only ever wants the best for you, you know.”

9) Giving

Can you put your love and care or inspiration and gifts into action through giving in some way?

Is there someone in particular you’ve been withholding love or giving from, or you could express more of your love to in some way? Or have you been shying away from life in general and not sharing your gifts, presence or love in some way? Have you been ‘too busy’ and not found the time for those people who matter to you? The greatest gift you have to give people is YOU! Are you giving you? Are you there for people?

There are many ways you can give and share, which I detail shortly. Do so in a way that brings you joy and does not feel like a sacrifice, as that is not what true giving is about.

What’s important here is that this giving is genuine and heartfelt. I’m not talking about martyrhood or obligation here. I’m talking about sharing and expressing your love and care in a way that feels meaningful to you, which is a blessing to others, as well as yourself.

Giving when your heart isn’t in it, or giving-to-get (which isn’t giving at all), or giving out of a feeling of duty or obligation is also not authentic giving, and the person at the ‘receiving end’ won’t feel really like they’ve been given to, as what is received most is the energy and intention behind the giving. That’s why even the smallest act or gift can have the biggest impact if coming from a loving place.

Get in touch with the love and care you have for someone and act from this place.

Let your abundance shine by giving to others, not just in the tangible physical sense, but by giving of who you are and expressing your love, appreciation and gratitude to those around you. You can give in energy, in your thoughts, blessings and well-wishes too, and send love from a distance, silently even.

There are many ways you can give, and it’s certainly not money-bound.

You can give of your time, appreciation, care, well wishes, talent, prayers, nurturing, inspirations, attention, information, touch, wisdom, hope, support, thoughts, blessings, and so on. You may also want to give some of your income away, such as through tithing 10% to a charity each month if you feel financially comfortable to do so.

Give in a way that feels true to you.

10) Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forces of healing and transformation and a most gracious gift we can give ourselves and another.

Who do you need to forgive? Is it yourself? May I remind you that even if it is someone else, you may wish to forgive yourself for ‘allowing’ something you want to forgive them for into your life at whatever level. Of course, many problems can hide a gift that you may not see at the time. You may look back in time even with a painful experience and view it with new eyes, seeing it as part of the tide of change in your life.

Forgiveness returns you to a place love and liberates you from constricting states; it is the ultimate mind-body-soul detox. Ultimately, you know when you’ve forgiven someone by how you feel. You either feel neutral or positive towards them. Sometimes forgiveness happens in layers, or you may think you’ve forgiven but a new wave of emotion comes up to be processed to allow greater forgiveness.

You don’t have to agree with someone, or a behaviour, to be able to forgive them/it. You can forgive the “why” not the “what” – the pain or dysfunction that lies behind any given behaviour, rather than the behaviour itself.

A lack of self-forgiveness stands in the way of love, success and abundance and can lead to self-sabotage and the trappings of guilt. Everyone makes mistakes – it’s part of being human. Your mistakes do not define you, or certainly shouldn’t, for they are not who you are. Rather than judge or condemn yourself, instead, recognize, acknowledge and forgive yourself, or others. This enables letting go and change.

Set yourself free TODAY!

Forgive yourself and/or another. See the goodness in yourself and/or them. Forgiveness allows you to let go of any pain, anger, or resentment you’ve been holding on to.

Allow yourself to own and acknowledge your own and others inherent innocence, worth and value. Release the burden you’ve been carrying and allow more love into your heart.

The Creator/Universe/Source shines its love on all, like the sun. It does not judge. Ponder on that level of pure unconditional love. It is there for you, it is there for everyone.



Extraordinary new opportunities are dawning for you, drawing you to new people and new places and new projects. Shamael wishes to lovingly assist you and, as anxiety often precedes change, ask you to call upon the might of all of the Angels of Atlantis to help, in order to arrive just where you would like to be. Before this fruitfully occurs, it may be appropriate for you to release old projects, old patterns of behavior, old ideas, or old acquaintances. See the ‘new’ as a time to be met by the sun of the Source with renewed vigor and well being, just as you greet the new dawn, the new day, with love, hope, and joy. Chant Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha~the beginning of the famous Gayatri mantra~to bring the new energies dancing through.

This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of the Angels of Atlantis Oracle
I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~January 15-22,2017


“I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life.”

— Louise Hay  




Monday-Wednesday~ Creator



Creator implores to you to take a look at your connection or a lack of connection., to the world in which you live. A situation is at hand when you will be forced to ask yourself the hard questions: What is it all about? What am I doing here?  Is it all a random luck of the draw? Is there a plan? If there is a plan, where do I fit in? You may read books, ask questions of those more learned than you, maybe go on a pilgrimage, but the answers lie within your heart. As you enter into a vision quest, a soul-searching, you might simply begin by doing the right thing. That feeling of doing the right thing, helping another with no agenda, can be a start to understanding. You have reached a juncture when it is time to put things in perspective. Begin to live as if time were precious, and your actions were more important than anything else in the world. Do not wait until you see your world slipping away to see the need for connection to it. We all reach such moments in time when we must face ourselves and our truths. Your moment is at hand.

This message was brought to you courtesy of the Mystic Glyphs Oracle

~*Dream Den*~

1. Pay attention to the other symbols in the dream. A dream of an angel almost always implies that the dream contains an important message that could have a major impact on your life.
2. Dreaming of a strong, commanding seraph is a powerful sign that any difficulties occurring in your life will be overcome by your own strength and determination. A smaller, gentler cherub is a bringer of knowledge and wisdom, which hints at insights and revelations that are basically spiritual in nature but can be used to enrich your earthly life as well. Putti, which are the winged babies commonly and incorrectly referred to as cherubs, imply happy times ahead. Dreaming of one of the archangels – Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel – means that you are or soon will be doing God’s work, and the usual type of angel pictured on Christmas cards implies divine protection.
3. A very positive symbol implying success, happiness, and rewarding friendships ahead.





Trying to keep yourself little by denying your power so you won’t be a threat to anyone merely keeps you in a false bubble of safety. Of course, at least that way you won’t get noticed much or stand out. Well, that trick has worn out its welcome. You’re more powerful than you think you are, so it’s time to stop pretending. Those psychic games you play—like finding convenient parking spaces or knowing when a certain someone is going to call–those are just parlor tricks, yet they’re subtle testimonies to the gifts you have. There’s no need to take on airs about your incredible talents. Let them serve you, but mainly let them be of service to others–whether human, animal, plant, or mineral. Use your abilities to demonstrate to others that there is this amazing power of Spirit available that can be accessed with the proper mix of faith, intention, and focus. So stop doubting, worrying, or making excuses, and own your capacity to be a powerful magician. Use these gifts to help make this a better world for all beings.


Additional Meanings: *Shadow*  Insight* Prophecy* Shape-shifting*

This message was brought to you courtesy of the Power Animal Oracle



Just For Fun~Which Angel is with You Right Now?



Friday/Weekend~Positive Thoughts






This message was brought to you courtesy of You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay)


Happy MLK Jr. Day!


I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~January 8-15,2017

“Pause and remember— You are unique. You are special. Every mistake, trial and hardship has helped to sculpt your real beauty. Stop hating yourself and start appreciating and loving yourself!”
— Jenni Young

Happy New Year’s my friends!

I want this to be the year that we (and that means me too) unlock our Divine Potential. We all have it and it is time to let fear go and show the world our divine Potential.  And let this be the year that Love is first and foremost in all we do.  That means loving yourself more and reciprocating the love shown to you.Life is way too short not to do so.

Monday-Wednesday~ Faith (Royal Purple Brick)


We are all wounded; some wounds are recognized easily, while others are not. Forge ahead and do not allow your pain to hold you back. You are meant to inspire others, and if you do not carry on, they will suffer. It is time to deliver your message.
Dream Den: Door



1. A passage to a new phase in life, such as childhood to adolescence, or single to married.
2. A new opportunity on the way.
3. Revelation, either personal, spiritual, or universal.
Astrological parallels: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries.

Wednesday-Friday~ Leadership/Holy Spirit

*Charisma *Enterprise *Authority * Motivation


The Holy Spirit is encouraging you to consciously and fully embrace the leadership role you’re carving out for yourself. Through your focus, stability, discipline, and dedication, you’re emerging from the background and becoming recognized for both your competence and wisdom. Others are naturally attracted to your charismatic vibration and will follow your lead as they rightfully sense that you can be trusted.

The Holy Spirit is your guiding force as you motivate and inspire others. Indeed, the very word inspire comes from the word spirit and means “to invite”  or “to inhale” the Holy Spirit into your life and move you toward your creative and spiritual best. The Holy Spirit affirms that your assignment for now, is to shine your bright light onto the world and make no apologies for your enthusiasm or confidence as you lead others to a higher ground. Be mindful, however, not to overdrive yourself and become disconnected from your source, or you risk getting burnt out. Enthusiasm is like fire and must be contained or it can consume you. The Holy Spirit’s message: “Lead with confidence.”

Angel Number 51: Keep your thoughts focused on a positive outcome during this time of life change. Even though you may not be entirely sure what your future holds, you can be sure that things are improving. Stay positive about your intentions and goals.


In the past apple peel has been used to discover the initial of the person you will marry.Peel the ap[le skin in one long strip while holding the question in your thoughts.With your right hand, throw the apple skin over your left shoulder. Without touching it, take a look and see if the peel has fallen in the shape of a letter if so this is one of the initial letters of your future spouse.xx


Friday/Weekend~Sedna The Sea Goddess

Keyword: Virtue

Sedna the Sea Goddess protects you, conferring a happy, healthy, and wealthy long life. Her influence promotes intuitive and instinctive good, watchfulness, education, and natural diet. Like the waves of the sea, she surfs in a golden chariot, there is no question of preferences or conflicting tendencies. Making the right choices will bring a steady increase in good fortune that begins a promising wave of exciting new times. Move on and you will feel very blessed with the way your life flows. Happiness beckons.
Angel Number 48: “Angels of Abundance” are with you. Know that there is an infinite supply, and that lack is just an illusion. More money is coming to you now, so don’t worry about your finances.
This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of the Chakra Wisdom, Mermaids & Dolphins, and Ask Your Guides Oracles.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

20 Powerful Affirmations We Should Say to Ourselves This Year

  1. “The biggest and most complex obstacle I will ever have to overcome is my mind.  If I can overcome that, I can overcome anything.”
  2. “I cannot control exactly what happens in life, but I can control how I respond to it all.  In my response is my greatest power.”
  3. “I have to accept whatever comes my way, and the only important thing is that I meet it with the best I have to give.”
  4. “I will stop focusing on how stressed I am and remember how blessed I am.  Complaining won’t change my reality, but a positive attitude will.”
  5. “Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative.  Being positive means overcoming the negative.  There is a big difference between the two.”
  6. “I will not get caught up in what could’ve been or should’ve been.  I will look instead at the power and possibility of what is, right now.”
  7. “I am not a product of my circumstances.  I am a product of my decisions.  It’s about not letting my fear decide my future.”
  8. “I will get back up.  Again, and again.  The faster I recover from setbacks, the faster I’ll get to where I’m going in life.”
  9. “My next step in the right direction does not have to be a big one.”
  10. “Patience is a genuine expression of confidence, acceptance, serenity, and faith in my own ability.  It’s a sign of strength.  I will practice it.”
  11. “When I find that I don’t have time for what matters, I will stop doing things that don’t.”
  12. “I can always feel the genuine, positive power that flows from my decision to rise above the petty drama and distractions that don’t really matter anyway.”
  13. “Instead of getting angry, I will find the lesson.  In place of envy, I will feel admiration.  In place of worry, I will take positive action.  In place of doubt, I will have faith.”
  14. “The longer I remain peaceful, the stronger I become.  Peace on the inside leads to real, meaningful progress on the outside.”
  15. “There’s nothing selfish about self-care and self-love.  I can’t give what I don’t have.  When I enrich my own life, I’ll be life-giving to others too.”
  16. “If the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s just life’s way of reminding me to water the grass I’m standing on.”
  17. “From now on I will be too busy watering my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”
  18. “I will focus on making myself better, not on thinking I am better.”
  19. “I will practice gratitude, even in the midst of frustration and despair, so I can better see the positive possibilities around me.”
  20. “Happiness does not start when ‘this, that or the other’ thing is resolved.  Happiness is what happens now, when I make the best of what I have.”