About Moi

I call myself Isis and I will tell you why.. From the time I was 9 years old,this Great Queen Goddess appealed to me. Especially after my father had traveled several times to Egypt. And he brought back trinkets and amulets, jewelry for me, my mother and my grandmother. I felt this connection to the Goddess even then. Since that time, I chose to be called Isis.

I came to recognize my mediumship and psychic abilities fully as an adult. Unlike most psychics who recognize and embrace their abilities fairly young. I had untapped intuitive abilities, did not really pay any mind to these things growing up. However, a severe life trauma in opened me up to the World of Spirit. I realized my mediumship skills upon the death of my aunt. I dreamt of my aunt (unbeknownst to me that my aunt had passed during the night) and we were at a bus stop. I tried and tried to get my aunt to board the bus. But my aunt would not ,my aunt told me that she had to go somewhere to go at that time. When I awoke from this dream, there was a voice mail from my mother saying that her sister(my aunt) passed over during the night. But the most memorable story is when I had a incredible urge to take out my Spirit Talking Board. As soon as I put my hands upon the planchette. Spirit spelled out ” Your friend Karen has died.” Karen was a very special penpal friend of mine from Wales. A week later I received a overseas letter from my friend Karen’s fiancee, that Karen had indeed passed away. And the day of Karen passing was the day I received the message from my Spirit Board. This was valid confirmation that it was time to be open and listen to Spirit. And more importantly to follow this path of service. So I started going to classes and participated in seances as well as developing my other psychic skills.

I am clairaudient(the ability to hear Spirit),claircognizant(Clear Knowing), precognitive(knowing before it happens),clairsentient(clear feeling/to feel Spirit). Sometimes, I see messages clairvoyantly(clear seeing/to see Spirit).

I have studied Tarot extensively for close to 6 years. And I’m still learning something new everyday. As well as becoming proficient in Crystal Therapy. And the rest they say is history…

So here goes… I am a Psychic-Medium and Tarot reader from NYC (born and bred). A lover of books , anything Egyptian, history and Jeopardy..lol I kid you not… just ask my children.  I am a trivia fiend..lol and my goal is to be on Jeopardy. I love cultural things and anything artsy. On most weekends, you will find me at a museum of any  sort or at a good movie, maybe the  theater. Or doing something fun with my family. In the summer, you will definitely find me catching some sun and waves at the beach, taking a boat cruise around the city or having a blast at an amusement park. I have been Facebooking and Tweeting since 2009.

When I’m not doing any of the above then  I am doing readings. I have been reading online since 2005. And I’m proud to say I have read for others nationally as well as internationally. This has put me in touch with others all over the world.

I have volunteered at Allexperts-view my feedback here:

http://www.allexperts.com/expert.cgi?m=12&catID=692&expID=70079I have a diploma in Astrology and Parapsychology. And I have studied at The Holistic Studies Institute of NY.


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6 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Nice story & very pleased to meet you! So happy to find your page & looking forward to connecting with you more! I am also a tarot reader (who also learns new things about the cards everyday!) and I am writing on my blog at the moment about a 30 day challenge answering different tarot questions of how I got into it & things!

    Lots of love & light! xoxoxo


  2. Thank you and it is wonderful to meet you as weell. Your blog looks very interesting..and I agree I learn new things about the cards everyday as well…
    Love and light right back at you! Have an awesome day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great life story Isis. I want to thank you, for choosing to follow my blog. It is greatly appreciated. I hope to not disappoint you in the terms of sending positive vibes your way. I like your blog as well. Have a very Happy and Safe New Year ahead and may all your dreams come true.


  4. I really enjoy this site. I like how you combine the oracle cards for readings and sometimes use playing cards. Fascinating. I came across it just at the right time. Thank you!


  5. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy the messages using various oracles. And I am glad that you find them useful. It’s nice to know that people find this blog useful. I hope it inspires them as well. So thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I truly appreciate my readers.


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