Girl Power…Really?


0d4673b5779d363f7fa0c006d4c303f2When I hear women shouting “Girl Power” then in a moment’s notice I see them tearing each other down, I just think what a bunch of crap! They have tons of reality shows showing grown women, some with husbands and children, in one moment pretending to all get along with one another, then BOOM! in an instant they’re disliking and physcially fighting each other. And to make matters worse they have shows for the younger females like “Pretty Little Liars” that depict these same behaviors. Are you kidding me!

Why is it so hard for some women to be well within themselves? If another woman makes you feel threatened, envious, or jealous then you need to work on yourself. I get so sick of those women who “hee-hee” and “hahaha” in your face, yet all the while are talking about you the minute your back is turned. I don’t understand…

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Psychic-Medium and Tarot reader from NYC (born and bred). A lover of books , anything Egyptian, history and I kid you not just ask my children. I love cultural things and anything artsy. On most weekends, you will find me at a museum of sort or at a good movie, maybe theater. Or doing something fun with my family. I have a diploma in Astrology and Parapsychology. And I have studied at The Holistic Studies Institute of NY.

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