Messages from your Angels & Guides~September 18-25, 2016

Good morning all! I have a couple of new decks (I am addicted to Oracle and Tarot decks lol). And I will be using one of them for this week’s messages. So in honor of this new deck, the theme for  this week is Dreams.


Monday-Wednesday~ High Council

If you have nightly dreams about going to a mountaintop, city hall, or a library, you’re connecting with the High Council. This card shows up to help you become the best possible you. The High Council is an alliance of beings from across universes who have come here to help you on your evolutionary journey on this planet. These beings of love and light are trying to get your attention. There is an important project or task you are being asked to take on. The size of the assignment doesn’t matter–large or small, it will create a shift for the highest good of all. The High Council is coming to you in dream time to “download” messages into your energy field for retrieval at a later date. This information is to be used when it is needed for the evolution of you as a human, and for the earth as a whole.
Additional Meanings:
* You have much potential. You are being encouraged to move forward with your development in all areas of your life.

* Think about your spiritual perception. Does it need to shift?

* You are being reminded that the Divine mantle is always about your shoulders, lending you strength and help in your daily life. All you need to do is ask.

Dream Den ~Common Dream Symbols

Autumn:(in honor of the approaching season this week)


1. If you have the dream in autumn when that is the season you’re in, then the season probably has no significance and serves only as background.
2. If you dream of autumn at another time of year, and other symbols in the dream are hurried, this is a signal that time is passing and something in your life needs immediate attention.
3. All other dreams of autumn are positive, signifying friendly forces supporting and protecting you.





1. If it is a clear, bright, and sunny day, then all will go well for the dreamer in whatever he is doing at the moment.
2. If it is a dark and gloomy day, then the dreamer needs to consider what’s bothering him. Solutions may be suggested by other symbols in the dream.
3. If it is raining or snowing, the dreamer should expect a few setbacks and prepare for them.
Astrological parallel: Pluto, Scorpio.



An astrological symbol depending very much on the circumstances and other symbols in the dream.
1. The Sun is the giver of life, and therefore dreaming of a bright Sun high in the sky is an omen that you will soon be able to live the kind of life you want.
2. A Sun obscured by clouds implies that your current prospects are uncertain right now, and you may need to reevaluate your situation and make some adjustments.
3. The rising Sun represents beginnings and the setting Sun endings. Whether the beginnings or endings are positive depends on the circumstances (especially the weather) and the other symbols in the dream.

Tarot parallel: The Sun, The Tower.



An astrological symbol relating to the emotions. If the Moon is full and bright, much happiness and success lie ahead. If the Moon is new or in the crescent phase, you may not be aware of your own feelings with regard to specific circumstances. A Moon partly or fully obscured by clouds hints at outside matters affecting feelings that you’re currently unaware of, yet still need to deal with.



1. Like The Star card in the Tarot deck, dreaming of a single bright, shining star is a sign that even if things seem bad, there is still hope, and that your desires and destiny will be fulfilled, possibly through the efforts of a friend.
2. If the dream displays a clear sky full of many bright stars, great success lies ahead, but if the stars are pale or obscured by clouds, there will be a period of poverty before you finally attain your goals.
3. A star between the horns of the New Moon indicates that an influential person, probably a woman, will appear on the scene and assist you in attaining your dearest dream.
4. A shooting or falling star implies success after a period of great effort.


The wind represents movement, and the type of movement involved is dictated by the circumstances.
1. Dreaming of being out in a cold, blustery wind implies having to take action under adverse circumstances.
2. Dreaming of a calm, gentle wind that caresses your face is reassurance that you are surrounded by people who deeply love and care for you. A brisk, steady breeze portends success in business enterprises.
3. Being caught up in an extreme form of wind, such as a cyclone or tornado is a warning to get your affairs in order now if you don’t want to have a lot of trouble later.

Wednesday-Friday~ Dream Guide




This message has shown up to remind you that your dream guide is always with you, supporting and protecting you on your nightly journeys. Ask for guidance. Journal what your guide shows and teaches you,and where you are taken during your dream time. Pay attention to all details, as they are part of a larger message.

Your dream guide also reminds you that there are many lessons to learn and offer others. You are a teacher. Employ your teaching abilities now.
Additional Meanings:
* It would be beneficial for you to journal every day.

* It is time for you to connect with your guides, or for you to be a guide to someone else.

* Walk through the door of opportunity that is presented to you now.

* You are being called to teach.

Just for Fun~Easy Lucid Dreaming


So you want to know the easiest way to start lucid dreaming? You found it.

(taken from

Step #1 – Improve Your Dream Recall

This is a big one.

You should improve your dream recall so that you remember at least one dream vividly every night. Preferably more.

Plant the seed. Tell yourself regularly: “I will remember my dreams”. Do this just before you go to sleep. Say it over and over in your mind like a mantra. This plants the desire in your unconscious mind.

Record your dreams. Next, start a dream journal. Keep it by the bedside so you can write down your dreams the moment you wake up. Recording your dreams verbally on your phone is another good option.

Emphasize your desire. Discuss your dreams with your friends. Chat about them in our forum. Hit home the message that dreams are important and must be remembered. Your unconscious will attend to it.

Go subliminal. Get the message in deep. Watch our subliminal lucid dreaming video.

Step #2 – Perform Reality Checks

This is a spectacularly easy lucid dreaming exercise.

Reality checks are the secret weapon of those who tend towards spontaneous Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs). That’s a fancy way of saying: you’re dreaming, then you realize you’re dreaming. You become lucid.

Just attempt an impossible action, like pushing your hand through a wall, while asking: “Am I dreaming?”

Reality checks definitively prove whether you’re awake or dreaming. When awake, it’s simply a way of forming a habit. When you’re asleep – BINGO. This is the end goal of a reality check.

Reality checks are NOT needed to decide your reality when you’re awake, as if in doubt. That means you’re mentally ill.

Aim to do 10-20 reality checks randomly throughout your day. This enhances your self-awareness and programs the question.

Soon, you’ll spontaneously perform a reality check in a dream – and become lucid.

Step #3 – Learn To Meditate

Meditation is really, really cool.

If you didn’t know that already then you’re not doing it right.

When you meditate, you can experience all kinds of mental effects, including hypnagogic hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and sudden insights. Meditation tunes you into your internal state like never before and helps you feel more at peace in yourself.

Research has also linked meditation with lucid dreaming. That’s because it trains you to actively enter altered states of awareness on demand. And it makes you more self-aware, helping you to recognize the unreality of the dream world more often.

Start by introducing a simple 10-minute breathing meditation into your daily routine. Then go deeper. I find this much easier with brainwave entrainment.

Meditation forms a part of many lucid dreaming techniques and is especially valuable when you’re learning to have WILDs or Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.


Step #4 – Study Up

With the first three steps, you can easily have a handful of spontaneous lucid dreams.

But if you’re serious about having regular lucid dreams, you need to study up. This will help you identify the best induction methods for you (out of the dozens available) as well as what to do with your lucid dreams when you have them.
The more you think about lucid dreams during the day, the more likely you are to become conscious in your dreams at night. This part is ridiculously easy. Lucid dreaming comes faster to those who obsess about it. And that obsession can take any form you like.


Friday/Weekend~ Angels


(What would a blog post from Angels & Celestials be like if there wasn’t an angelic message somewhere? lol)

These messengers of the Divine come to you today to let you know that they are supporting you and guiding you. They are surrounding you right now, sending you messages from God. These messages can show up in the form of a friendly smile, or as an obvious sign. Allow the angels to help you. They are calling upon you to connect and work with them.
Additional Meanings:
* Ask for ideas and inspiration. The angels are waiting to help.

* The angels want you to teach lessons of love and light.

* The angels are bringing you messages in dream time. Ask them to help you remember them.

This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of Angel Dreams Oracle.



I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram and For a personalized reading I can be reached at /


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