Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving 2015

I will be taking a short sabbatical this week. That means there will not be any readings for the week. One of the reasons is because my birthday is coming up on November 28. Oh yeah…the other reason is because it’s Thanksgivng…lol Anyways, I will be doing a special Oracle Reading on Wednesday for Thanksgiving over yonder on Instagram. So if you’re not following me yet over there, then stop by and click to follow Angels & Celestials.
I leave with you an assignment. And that is to start a gratitude journal. This can be any kind of notebook. Make it yours by decorating it in any way that tickles your fancy. Use your imagination and be as creative as you wish. And no, you’re not too old to use crayons, glitter, and stickers..lol Make an entry everyday-list all of the things you are grateful for. Big or small, for things that have happened and for the things yet to come. Easy-peasy…..

Have a Happy, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving!


give thanks for blessings

I will see you all in December…Angel kisses..xoxoxo

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