Messages from your Angels & Guides~


We have messages from the faeries and angels this week. Archangel Metatron speaks to us  once again. The themes for this week speak of being true blue to yourself. Along with not being afraid to ask for what you want.Most importantly, spirit wants you to know that in order for your prayers to be answered. You need to ask and be open to receive the divine information that follows. And  lastly, looking out for our future generations of Crystal and Indigo children. These children, yes, they are our future.

Also a very Happy Veteran’s Day to all the men and women who fight for our freedom.

As always, these messages are randomly chosen just for you by Spirit. Enjoy!

Monday-Wednesday~ Indigo and Crystal Children

indigo and crystal children

“Your life purpose involves helping and teaching children. You’re here to help those children retain and amplify their psychic and spiritual gifts. Educate adults about natural and chemical free ways to feed and raise these special children. The very young Crystal Children and the slightly older Indigo Children are important to the future of this planet. You can help ensure their bright future, and I will help you.”

Working with Archangel Metatron: If you feel drawn to help children (your own, or children in general), ask Metatron for an assignment that mirrors your natural talents and interests. Metatron works closely with psychic and sensitive kids, and he loves to help adults help these children. If you need more time, money, ideas, contacts, or other support for this mission, call upon Metatron. He’ll help you manifest your needs so your focus can be directed toward his beloved Crystal and Indigo Children.

*I would also like to add that it is imperative that we help our psychic children. Because many have no one to support them, believe in them and guide them.  If you were a psychic child or if you knew of one, you may not have had a supportive and safe environment.   Also, for the adult Indigos I would suggest seeking out like-minded folks such as yourself. Through and workshops in your area, as well as social media, you will be able to find others who understand you.*

This message comes to you courtesy of  Archangel Oracle Cards

Totem Tuesdays~ Snowy Owl

snowy owl

I fell in love with this bird by watching the Harry Potter movies. Harry’s bird Hedwig appeared so magical and mystical.  Here is your totem for this week.

The Snowy Owl is the Owl for high magick, foretelling, secrets. Conserve your energy until the time is right; be observant of your surroundings.
She has the power of prophecy. For instance, the Snowy Owl is the Animal Spirit that is a Messenger who is responsible for carrying Wisdom from the Elders and the two-legged beside whom Snowy Owl flies will have the gift of Channeling the words of the elders via inspired written words or ~automatic writing.~

One of the world’s largest Owls, Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) hunts in the desolate and bitterly cold Arctic tundra that She calls home. Because of the long nights of numbing cold, Snowy Owl has layers of fat to help Her survive. Since food is often scarce, She can fast for forty days at a time. In addition, Snowy Owl conserves her energy by remaining still as long as possible. While waiting for an opportunity presents itself, She remains continually observant.

In her pursuit of food, Snowy Owl is a strategist. She may seem lazy, however, Snowy Owl is actively looking for Lemming to appear. She can hunt day or night. If need be, She will play dead. When an intruder comes near her nest, Snowy Owl will swoop down and strike Them with her talons. Sometimes She will feign injury, dragging her wing on the ground to lure Fox away from her young Owlets.

Snowy Owl forms close ties with Lemming, which goes beyond the usual predator and prey relationship. To make up for their short lives as Owl food, Lemmings breed in great numbers. When Lemmings are in short supply, Snowy Owl travels in search of Rabbits. Not attached to any particular place, Snowy Owl will go as far as the Caribbean in search of food. Wherever Snowy Owl goes, She attracts attention. Because of her large size and elegant white plumage, people notice Her perched on a haystack or on an airport runway waiting for an unsuspecting Rodent.

Snowy Owl teaches active patience. During the long Arctic winter, She fasts and waits for summer. Hunting for Lemmings, She patiently perches on a rock listening for Them to move about underground. When there are no Lemmings, Snowy Owl searches patiently for other food. She is rewarded for her efforts. Learn active patience from Snowy Owl.

Snowy Owl’s Teachings Also Include:

“Snowy Owl Dreaming encourages us to figuratively face the North Wind: to weather the storm and welcome the wisdom afforded by the elemental forces at work in our life.” Copyright: “Animal Messengers” by Scott Alexander King

Snowy Owl’s Wisdom Includes:
Power of Stillness
Practical Elegance
How to Be Warm in Cold Places
Using Strategy to Your Advantage
Finding What You Are Searching For
Traveling the World
Knowing the Gentleness of True Strength
Waiting for the Right Time to Take Action

Wednesday-Friday~ Angel of Prayer

angel of prayer

You are never alone, nor do you need to tackle or solve everything on your own. The universe, God/Goddess and the angels are always listening; all you need to do is ask for their help and guidance. Prayer does not need to be formal or structured as has been the tradition for so long in many religions. You may converse with the universe, God/Goddess, the angels, ascended masters and all beings of light and love, in your own language and in your own way. The universal power is your loving friend. The pure essence of creation responds immediately to all your requests, however due to the universal law of choice, it will not  act or intervene unless it is asked to do so. Discuss the current issue along with any other fear or concern you may have with the Angel of  Prayer.

*Remember the words of JesusAnd so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”  Luke 11:9

This message comes to you courtesy of Angels, Gods & Goddesses Oracle

Just for Fun~ What Color is your Aura right now? The first one to pop out at you is the color of your aura at this moment.

I got violet…



Abundance Prayer

Thank you for the wind and rain…

Thank you for the sun.

Thank you for what I have now…

And all the good things to come.

Every morning when I wake…

Before I start my day.

I think of all the good things…

That will come my way.

Try it. Let me know how it lands with you. 🙂

Friday/Weekend~ Honoring Your True Feelings


honoring your true feelings

By drawing this card, you’re urged to listen to and follow, your true feelings. Do not betray yourself, or rationalize that it’s acceptable to deny your inner voice of truth.

You have an inner counselor who is very wise. This source of wisdom speaks to you in both physical and emotional ways. Perhaps you have gut feelings that are speaking loudly to you, or physical reactions to situation, such as a tightened jaw or a nervous stomach. Your heart may be drawing you toward a particular geographical location, a specific career, or a certain type of relationship. You may feel compelled to leave a particular situation that is unacceptable/

The fairies know the importance of heeding their own feelings, and they  ask that you do the same. They say, “Please don’t discount what you know to be true in your heart. Follow your emotions, as they are your inner compass that will steer you home and keep you warm, safe, supported and joyous.”

If you are unclear about which emotions you’re experiencing, write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal to gain clarity and understanding. Affirmation: I listen to, honor, and follow my true feelings, knowing that they are answers to my prayers.

This message comes to you courtesy of Healing with the Fairies Oracle

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” ~ Louise Hay

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /


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