Messages from your Angels & Guides~November 1-8, 2015

November’s Theme: Elimination-The ability to release, remove, denounce, deny, let go.
The affirmation for this month is: “I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good.”

Welcome to November! This is a wonderful month, one of the reasons is that my birthday is in this month. As well as 3 of my children. Then, of course, there is Thanksgiving. We don’t need Thanksgiving to remember to be grateful and thankful. We can be those things every day in every way. So never forget to count your blessings, big or small. And Daylight Savings Time has ended, it gives us (where observed) an extra hour of sleep. That works for me…how about you?lol

The themes the angels have for us this week is all about visualizing what you want. The magic is inside of you, you have the power for unlimited potential. Also, the angels are once again speaking upon your psychic ability. Clairvoyance- you have spiritual sight. It is one thing to look, but another thing to truly “see”. The angels want you to know you have this power to truly “see”. That this sight is truly a special spiritual gift.

As always these messages are randomly chosen for you by Spirit.

Monday-Wednesday~Magic Wand


Time for a magic wand shopping spree with the universe. Just point and wish… “Hocus Pocus, This takes focus.”

They say the devil is in the details, Well so is a slice of heaven when you get specific. Whether you call it a magic wand, a pointing stick, or a lightning rod, this is the tool you need now to hone in on what you really want. This is about aligning with spirit to call in the really juicy part of all that divine has to offer. One minister we know says. ” Ask for what, not how. Be specific. Focus. Say what you want, but don’t tell the universe how to get it.”

That’s the surprise part! Once you say what you want, it’s time to let go and let God. This is about aligning with spirit and witnessing how truly wonderful it is to manifest. Whip out your magic wand and watch the magic unfold.

This message comes to you courtesy of Audacious Action Angels Oracle

Totem Tuesdays~ Spider

Something you have woven has born fruit! Congratulations!

If Spider has woven its way into your life:
She is bringing your attention to your creativity. Is it at a peak right now? Are you ignoring your ideas and dreams? Have you taken the time to find the balance between your past and your future? All these are subtle messages that you need to focus on. Primarily though spider is giving you the message that you weave your own web in life. The reality you see before you was created by yourself. If it does not suit you then it is time to make changes.

If Spider is your Animal Totem:
A spider totem teaches you balance between the past and future, physical and spirit, male and female. She is strength and gentleness combined. She awakens creative sensibilities and reminds you that the past is always interwoven with the future. Tarantulas (and all spiders) are the keepers of the primordial alphabet and can teach you how to write creatively. Her body is shaped like the number 8 and she has 8 legs, which is symbol of infinite possibilities of creation. Her 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the four directions of the medicine wheel. Spider’s message is that you are an infinite being who will continue to weave patterns of life and living throughout time. Do not fail to see the eternal plan of creation. Those who weave magic with the written word usually have this totem.

If Spider has come into your dreams:
To see a spider spinning a web in your dream, signifies that you will be rewarded for your hard work. You will be promoted in your job or recognized for your achievement in a difficult task. Spiders are also a symbol of creativity due to the intricate webs they spin.

To see a spider climbing up a wall in your dream, denotes that your desires will be soon be realized.

Supplement: Spider Bites
Being bitten by a Spider is a warning call to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. The Spider is letting you know that your thoughts are manifesting your reality – and if you are currently unhappy with your reality you need to change the way you think. All too often we use self blame, criticism of others, anger, and hatred to sabotage ourselves and our futures. Occasionally we need to get to this stage in our lives in order to manifest massive spiritual growth within ourselves. A spider bite is reminding you to stay on purpose and transcend yourself into your authentic self.

Pay attention when a Spider bites! Being aware of this state will give you the chance to analyze why you keep attracting detrimental people, events and situations to yourself. All of these will have the effect of delaying or derailing your own self-development efforts.
Additional Association for Spider:
Manipulation of Thought

Wednesday-Friday~Archangel Metatron

the archangel metatron

Angelic Realm: Archangel of the Heaven of Form
Heavenly Function: Recorder of the Book of Life and scribe for all our deeds
Gifts for Earth: He helps us to find the proper measure for all we do; he acts as witness to the good we do and the love we give; he helps us to realize our potential as loving and worthwhile human beings.

Metatron appears as the most earthly of Archangels, as he was once a wise and virtuous man whom God took up into Heaven. He is richly attired and holds a pen in one hand as he records our deeds in the Book of Life. He helps us to know the true measure of things.

This message comes to you courtesy of The Angel Oracle

Prayer to Archangel Metatron

Metatron, I thank God for making you so diligent about observing and recording what happens both on Earth and in heaven, in God’s Book of Life. Please guide me to make the best choices in life so I can avoid unnecessary regrets and build a strong spiritual legacy. Show me how powerful I can become when I live in faith rather than in fear. Teach me how to use my spiritual power to bring glory to God and make the world a better place.


Just For Fun~ Crystal Clear

Below are 5 crystals, each with its own unique energy. Choose the crystal that you are most drawn to and below I will give you the crystal clear message in relation to your chosen stone.


Crystal #1 – Snowflake Obsidian – A very grounding and protective stone, if you chose the first crystal, you might be feeling out of sort, particularly with your life path and career.  The lack of stability and security with finances (or just worry about the lack of) has been consuming you. It’s time to look at why you are feeling this way and what you can do in order to get back on track.

This stone may be telling you that you have a crowd of psychic vampires around you rather than supporters. It’s hard to see the sunshine through the fog, so step away from the fog.

Tension in your back and shoulders, and/or joint issues may also be a pesky problem. Get up and stretch and take time to do something that will help you re-ground yourself.

Crystal #2 – Selenite – This crystal helps to heal a broken heart. It clears the residue of negative and sad energy, cleans and repairs the aura and brings happiness and inner truth. So often we lie to ourselves, but we create blockages and barriers and hide from what is true or real. As difficult as it can be to clean up the past, selenite gently assists in that, but also helps you see that there is a light at the end.  There IS a light at the end, and know that there are people here and on the Other Side who want to help you.

Selenite brings clarity and helps to open your soul up to possibilities.

Crystal #3 – Mookaite Jasper  – If you chose the third stone, you chose Mookaite Jasper, which is an earthy, gypsy, animal energy and Bohemian energy type stone. Connected to increasing self-confidence, self-worth, and realizing one’s true potential, it’s time to look at what you’ve been putting off and focus on a goal (or two, or three) and put it into action. You’ve been feeling impatient and a bit off, but part of it is your own doing. Watch for digestive and tummy issues in the upcoming year. The past has made worry and insecurity settle around you, but there’s so much excitement that is about to happen if you just step on the path. Shoes, optional.

Crystal #4 – Celestite – Celestite is a beautiful blue color and is an angelic stone. It offers a direct channel to your guides and angels, and is especially useful if you have been spending a lot of time worrying. This stone is telling you to give over those worries to those on the Other Side so they can assist. Celestite can relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors. Celestite helps balance the throat chakra and tells you that it is time for you to speak up for yourself. Feelings may be hurt, but haven’t your feelings been hurt as well by simply keeping quiet? This stone is a perfect piece to carry for those in the creative field, and if you are wanting to expand into the creative field, it helps you have the courage to do that too. As much as this stone helps you dream in the daytime, it helps you sleep and dream in the nighttime, especially lucid dreams, which can be beneficial for psychic and angel messages. Keep a piece on your nightstand!

Crystal #5 – Amethyst – If you chose Amethyst, you are being asked to embrace your intuitiveness and trust your gut. Lately, you’ve been obsessing over small things (remember, don’t sweat the small stuff!). You are super creative and you may be wondering how to fit that into your life routine, but you are being drawn to nonetheless. You may have a business idea, or a book idea or have been wanting to pick up the camera – whatever it is, you are being urged to stop looking at allt he reasons why you can’t, and look at the reasons why you can. Amethyst is a known stone to help those with destructive habits and so this stone is asking you to look at what you might be doing to yourself that is sabotaging you from the very best you.

(This is not my work, I do not claim to own this. I found this fun and interesting. And I felt this may be something my readers would like)

Friday/Weekend~ You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant

youre clairvoyant

The angels send you this card to help you trust the visions you receive in your mind’s eye during dream time, as the well as the signs that you physically see (such as recurring numbers, feathers, coins, flashes of light, and so forth). Since the Creator is all-seeing, it stands to reason that you(and everyone else) would inherit the gift of spiritual sight.

If your gift seems blocked, the cause may be a painful past life experience that the angels can help you heal and release. Know that it’s right for you to see clairvoyantly, as this blessing can be used to assist you with your healing and teaching work. Your clairvoyance also gives you continuous and accurate guidance, much like a GPS electronic map in a car that guides you to the right destination. Trust what you see!
Action Steps~ You’ll want to conduct this session in a private and quiet location, and have a pen and paper handy, as the process may trigger some vivid past-life memories. Sit or lie down, and center yourself with steady and deep breaths. When you’re ready, say:

 ” Archangel Raziel, I call upon you now. Please surround me with the highest and purest vibrations of Divine love to heal and release any old fears connected to my spiritual sight.”

Then breathe and relax, as your body may tingle or shudder while it releases old toxins. Stay with this process until your body feels completely at ease. Know that you can control your clairvoyance by asking the angels for help.
This message comes to you courtesy of Angel Therapy Oracle
“If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

– Mary Pickford

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /


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