How to Communicate With Angels

 *Hello my darlings, I have been crazy busy this week and therefore unable to do any readings this week. But I have been thinking of you all. So I wanted to share this article with you. Enjoy this post my loves and I’ll be back as soon as possible.. until then*

The Angelic Realm exists at a level so high and so fine that it is very ascended for normal human vibrations to connect with. Our job is to open our vibration up enough that they can descend and come to us into our auras and allow communication to begin.

Very often the one thing inhibiting true communication is our idea of how it should be – and I often explain to students that the phenom that Mediums have is different to angelic communication, like mountain air it is fine and light yet oh so present.

Communication with the angels happens with three things.

A, B, C’s of Angel Communication

A is for attitude – if we are too doubtful, frustrated at what we’re not getting or not understanding what IS happening our attitude needs to be gentler, softer more trusting – this allows our crown chakra to open and the Angels to flow more of their presence into our space.

B is for breath, we draw the angel of our choice towards us With our breath by asking them to be with us, intending them to be with us and then breathing in the ray or colour associated with them.

C is for Clarity and this is to do with understanding how it happens, when it is happening and how it can differ at different times!

Tools For Angelic Communication

There are many tools out there to choose from other than Angel Cards. Oracle cards come in many different forms, and it does not matter whether you use unicorn cards to connect with Angels or cards dedicated to faeries, it is the invocation and intention that is needed to be set.

The beautiful Doreen Virtue Angelic Tarot cards are a favorite among many who seek deeper advice than the lighter oracle packs, and also card apps such as our beautiful angel cards here at Ask Angels, provide a quick and easy manner to connect.

Pendulums either home made or purchased also act as a beautiful guider as to which way your energy is leaning – I like to use a rose quartz pendant and swing this over a deck of oracle cards to assist the choosing process. The rule is always the same if it calls to you then its the one that resonates with your frequency the most, many people say some pendulums won’t swing and others have a mind of their own.

Learn more about working with the angels using a pendulum here! 

Lesser Known Tools For Angel Communication

Ribbons, using a selection of ribbons and picking the one which your intuition tells you to tells you a lot about the archangel that is with you and their message. I like to have a selection of Navy, light blue, Dark green, Gold, yellow white and pink and purple and just hold the ribbon in your hands and allow the colour to soak into you and ask for the insight to come with it!

Tumbled stones, not as large as full blown crystals, having a small tub of tumbled stones of differing qualities is an inexpensive way of tapping into Angelic Guidance. See last weeks article Angels and Crystals for help with choosing yours!

Flowers – my favourite every week I buy a bunch of flowers for myself from the angels and I ask Haniel or Jophiel to guide me towards the ones that are right for me. I then spend many hours admiring them and soaking in their freqency as I;m working.

A crystal ball, otherwise known as a scrying ball is a great idea if you are looking for external clarity of internal focus, don’t try and be Gypsy Rosalee, just stare ‘off’ into the ball and ask Archangel Michael to protect you and to show you insight as to what is needed for you to know at this time.

Trees, I often get a strong feeling of needing to touch a tree. You needn’t hug it but simply sitting at the base of a tree and seeing its roots meet yours and asking the angels to connect with you in this grounded and sacred way really adds a depth of goddess energy to the experience of connection.

Birds – I always see birds and I have come to associate birds of prey with the Angels Robins as messages of love and yellow hammers as messages of new beginnings – sea gulls in their own way bring tidings of closure and cleansing – ask the angels what the messages of the birds are for you and hear them in your heart.

I have also completed readings using plants and even small animals using them as signs for myself about what their ‘medicine’ is.

What ever form your angelic connection takes make it fun, enjoyable and above all personal to you, when you take their messages to heart you Have connected and all else can develop from there.

With love and blessings,

Sheelagh and the angels


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