Messages from your Angels & Guides~May 31- June 7, 2015

“This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow.” ~ Margaret Lindsey

As always,  all messages are randomly chosen.

Monday-Wednesday~ Artemis(Guardian)

” Like me, you have a sacred mission to spread love and light. Yet, this isn’t a position that comes from tension or worry. Instead the gentle essence of a joyful heart and lighthearted laughter sets your power into motion. Why would there be any tension in your mind or system you believed that you were somehow unsafe? And how could you be unsafe when you’ve called upon the spiritual warriors to watch over you? Your prayers have activated the flawless protection of Heaven. So, ease your mind of all cares and concerns, and concentrate instead upon your holy mission.” ~ The words of Artemis

artemis guardian

Additional Meanings: The angels are watching over you and your family* Your  future is safe and secure*All your needs are being met and always will be* The worst is now behind you.

The Greek goddess of the Hunt and Wild Animals. She is the twin sister of Apollo, daughter of Zeus & Leto. She is the virgin goddess and represents purity and protection. Artemis helps us to concentrate and focus as well. She offers her protection to all who call upon her, especially women and children. Her bow and arrow is a talisman that helps her focus her thoughts and intentions. She always reaches  the mark of her manifestations.

This message comes to you courtesy of Goddess Guidance Oracle

Totem Tuesdays~ Octopus


The Spirit of Octopus brings you mystic gifts of wisdom, adaptation, camouflage, grace, memory and mental agility. Octopus attunes to creativity, the psyche, the spiral of life and the number eight (8), or the infinity symbol.

The Octopus Spirit relates to the intellect, psychic communication and innate creative powers. It’s a sign of success in academia and higher learning. A Water entity, Octopus brings revealing dreams and vivid memories. You can transcend the boundaries of time and space, and even remember events of past lives or incarnations.
The Octopus invites you to explore deeper emotions and unsolved mysteries, and open your heart to the natural wonders of the world. Your perception is keen. You can decipher complex puzzles and find answers where none appear to exist.
Octopus helps you adapt fluidly to new or uncertain circumstances. Adept at camouflage, this Spirit gives you the skills to move through strange or hostile territory with grace and ease. Just as the Octopus can navigate through narrow spaces, you can also find ways to succeed that may seem difficult or impossible at first. Spirit of Octopus

The Octopus can also be a sign of illusions, white lies or camouflaged facts. Watch out for procrastination. Don’t put off an important task or chore. As well, this spirit can warn of environmental neglect.
Octopus enhances your sensual grace, balance and flexibility. Seek serenity and go with the flow. Beware of control issues. Let go of past restrictions. You may be progressing through stages of personal growth that aren’t always obvious, but will become clear in time.
Keywords: Intellect, Problem-Solving, Memory, Camouflage, Spiral of Life, Balance, Grace, Infinity, Creativity, Psychic Awareness, Emotions, Secrets, Mystery, Sensuality.

Angel Number 8: Financial abundance is coming to you now!

Wednesday-Friday~ Sixth Chakra (Archangel Metatron)

6th chakra aa metatron

Clarity of thought, Personal Vision

This very powerful Archangel Metatron brings brilliant indigo vibrations to your brow chakras– or Third Eye–which is the center devoted to insight and clear thoughts. When this card appears upright, it indicates a much greater clarity in your thought process and an expanded perspective towards broader horizons. Some new perceptions are taking hold, and the clouds of confusion are clearing. In some ways, this could be a new beginning, for you’re on your way to developing a deeper insight about what’s going on in your life  and why.

Now is the time to focus on your personal vision. What do you want your life to look like in the years ahead? Create a clear picture of that and support it with your daily thoughts. The insight you need to create a vibrant life is available to you now.

Angel Number 40: God and the angels want you to know that they’re with you, guiding you every step of the way. Take their loving hands and allow yourself to be supported.

This card comes to you courtesy of Energy Oracle Cards

Just for fun~ What’s Your Angel name?


Friday/Weekend~The Dark Lady

the dark lady

Keywords: Unconscious power and wisdom, Rituals, Mysteries, Secrets

The Dark Lady is a high priestess of the Mysteries. She understands  how to surrender to divine power. She has profound,  intuitive knowledge that is only found by looking deeply into our own beings and natures. We find her through meditation and sleep and within inner peace, ecstasy, and total despair.

We may reach the realm of the Dark Lady through grief, through deep surrender, or through profound ritual. This card suggests that it is  time to withdraw from the ordinary world to revitalize ourselves through retreat and surrender to the source. This is a time of preparation for rebirth, of restoration and regeneration. What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed. Celebrate this passage through the unknown, rich, fertile, hidden realms of the Dark Lady.

This is the  time in the natural cycle of life when we open ourselves to and receive the inflowing energies of Himself, when we become power-full, overflowing with life force. It may also be a time of prophecy, magic, and foretelling of  the potential of the future–a time of self-awareness, self-knowledge,and encounters with the hidden worlds. Meditate, retreat, seek serenity and inner peace.

This message comes to you courtesy of The Faeries Oracle

June’s affirmation and theme:

junes theme

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Also, feel free to read and re-read these messages as much as needed. Something you may have missed  the first time may stick it out for you at a later time.  Any nugget of wisdom, a picture, a random feeling, all of these  are prompts from our spiritual helpers. This applies to previous posts  as well.

I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s messages.. I would love to hear from you if any of these messages resonated for you or someone you know in some way.

I will be off the blog for two weeks..if you need to find me..feel free to email me I will be sure to respond ASAP.

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