Messages from your Angels & Guides~April 12 to April 19,2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new week of messages. As always, they’re randomly chosen and I do hope  they resonate with you on a soul level. Please share , re-blog, repost so this way others can receive these messages as well. And of course if you need to read these messages over or for that matter any previous week’s messages. Feel free to do so,as the angels and guides are giving you the guidance that is needed.

“Ask your angels to enter your dreams to give you guidance and any information that you may need to know.”

– Doreen Virtue, “The Lightworker’s Way”

The first message for this week is ” Remember me by the happy memories we created” and this is for Monday-Wednesday

remember me

I can see you remembering me with heaviness in your heart, because you worry and grieve. These are normal, beautiful, and understandable emotions….and they are part of your healing. However, when the dust settles, I really wish that you would focus upon our happy times instead of the sad ending.  Keep my memory alive by thinking of me  at our most joyful times. When something stirs a pleasant memory, talk to me about this, and know that I will hear you and share the sentimental moment with you.”

This message comes to you courtesy of Talking to Heaven Mediumship Oracle

blessings and abundance

The mid-week(Wednesday-Friday) message is from Archangel Raphael

Can you hear those tunes wafting through the air?Archangel Raphael is sending you heaing vibes.

good vibrations archangel

Sickness can be a signal that part of your body needs more light. When your plans fall apart , it might be a sign that your calendar needs more room for divine flow and that your angels have even bigger plans.Archangel Raphael is the go-to guy for good vibrations. He is all about healing energy. He is the Archangel of attitude adjustment, body balance , and timing tune-ups. Once you allow his help, Raphael raises your vibration rapidly and allows you to see the humor in the situation. It’s time to lighten up and move forward. For a good time, call Raphael.

This message comes to you courtesy of the Audacious Action Angels

claiming blessings

And for Friday through the weekend…..

Keyword: Return

3 rhine maidens

A phase of your life will come round full circle. The Three Rhine Maidens,who symbolize that love is all-redeeming, predict that a love whic you have previously renounced will return and you will be granted your heart’s desire. Only by forsaking love will whoever turns the maidens’ river gold into a ring, become master of the world. The lust for power and greed for wealth destroys love. As love prevails it destroys the power and wealth of all who are only seeking gold. To marry for wealth where there is no love will not suceed. True gold is esoteric knowledge. It is love that always triumph in the end.

Angel Number 15: Change and elevate your thoughts. Use affirmations and prayers to help your thoughts and feelings rise above negativity.

This message comes to you courtesy of the Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

~Bonus message~  

A change of venue is coming your way. Most likely, you are moving to a new residence.However, this card could also mean that you’re changing the location of your employment.

new location

The fairies are very much in touch with geographical changes. They sense that your energy is drawing you to a new location. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving to a new home, and this card signifies that it’s time to consider thaqt change. Write a list of features you desire in your new home,ask the fairies to help you find and acquire your new residence.

This card could also mean that your place of employment is changing. You could be on the cusp of finding a new job. Or, your current employer may transfer you to a new location or promote you to a different office. Regardless of the type of new location, trust that this a change for the better that will bring great improvements in your life.

Note from me:I was strongly guided  to deliver this message, so for those who are considering whether moving is the right decision to make at this time. You’ve been given the thumbs up! Yes, this is what you’re supposed to be doing. Relocating for a new job, opportunity? Yes, go for it, more blessings are in store for following your intuition.

This message comes to courtesy of the Fairies Healing Oracle

Just for fun~What is your fairy name?

fairy name
“Sometimes we see clearly how they work, but most of the time, we don’t understand the obvious ways we are supported. We forget that the angels are always there, always available, always willing, and always working for us.”

– Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold, “The Angelspeake Storybook”

Have a blessed and spirit-filled week! Angel Blessings xoxoxo

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