For the week of April 5 to April 11, 2015

When others attempt to seduce you into feeling guilty, fearful, or anything that isn’t of Spirit, practice stepping outside of yourself, and repeat sentiments such as “This isn’t mine.” “I refuse to own it,” and “I will not be misaligned with Spirit.” ~ Wayne Dyer
Say it with me, now: :)) Today I choose to surround myself with people who accept me and appreciate me for who I am; who “see” me to my core, who “know” my heart. Today I release my attachment to those who cannot look beyond themselves, who judge me and the way I live my life, who require reminders or explanations of my worthiness. I’ve miles to go before I sleep, and many lessons to learn and tests to pass in this lifetime, and I accept all of those challenges with a deep willingness to learn- but I no longer seek or need anyone’s approval. The only person’s opinion that matters is the the one staring me in the mirror at night. And if (s)he’s happy and loves me, I’m good. Amen.
Here we are, a brand new week and a round of brand new messages. These messages are randomly chosen and I do hope they resonate with you on some level. You can always go back and re-read them as much as you’d like. And it is the same for any previous messages as well. Feel free to share & re-blog these messages with others. So that they too may enjoy these messages as well.
This is for Monday to Wednesday
The first message for this week is ~ Actions Speak Loudly~ Express your love through your actions.

actions speak loudly

Sometimes saying that you love somebody is not enough. What is required is showing someone how you feel. Put someone’s needs before your own. You are asked to do something that will show your love.

This reminds me of that saying “actions speak louder than words” and it is very true indeed. No matter what is said, negative or positive, it is the action , the movement behind those words that make the difference. The actions that affect and effect. Show and prove is the name of the game in my book. I always tell people that I mean what I say and I expect the same from them. Never settle for less than..ever! If someone’s actions don’t match with their vibrations,then cut them loose. And on the flip side of that, mean what you say. Empty gestures are just that empty..don’t make a promise, you never intend to keep… to anyone…especially yourself.

Angel Number 49: The angels ask you to get to work on your Divine mission without delay. Now is the time to finish any incomplete projects. Clear the space in your calendar to work on your true priorities.

This message comes to you courtesy of The Whispers of Love Oracle.


The mid-week message for Wednesday-Friday is Cherubim: The Angel of Wisdom

the angel of wisdom

Angelic Realm: Angel of the Heaven of Paradise
Angelic Function: To bring wisdom into the lives of us all
Gifts for the Earth: It can help you to become receptive to the wisdomof God; find wisdom in your life; seek the wisdom in all your experiences.

This angel is seen guarding the gates of Paradise. The angel prevents all from entering who do not know their own Divine nature. The candle signifies the flame of Wisdom, without which we are unable to experience the joys of Paradise.
This message comes to you courtesy of The Angel Oracle Deck

“The Druids knew that they were guided at all times by their ‘anam cara’ or ‘soul friend’. They could call on their soul friend in times of need and would be able to share their courage and knowledge.”

– Margaret Neylon

Just for Fun~ Which Is Your Favorite Night Scene?~

favorite night scene
Fun personality Quiz!

What does your favorite night scene say about you? Select a scene to find out! What scene are you drawn to? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? 🙂 This is just simply a fun personality quiz! Does it resonate with you? If you chose 1, You Are Original! You are an individual who likes doing things your own way. You make the rules up as you go. People admire your creativity and ingenuity. You are very talented at finding solutions to problems. You are also quite playful, and you know how to have fun. You can turn something boring into a game. Your spontaneity inspires others and keeps them on their toes. You usually have something surprising and upbeat to contribute. If you chose 2, You are Driven! You are a focused and successful go-getter, and you get a kick out of achieving your goals. You are first and foremost a charmer. You have amazing skills of persuasion, and it’s not hard to convince others to join you in things. You are extremely resourceful, and you bounce back quickly. You can figure out a way to make things work even when the chips are down. You are quite adaptable and actually seek out new and challenging situations. Routine bores you and can actually stifle your progress. If you chose 3, you are Compassionate. You are a kind and loving person. You put others first and have more harmonious relationships because of it. You are very warm, and almost everyone is drawn to you. You are excellent at nurturing those who need it most. You are highly sensitive, and you often pick up on things that others are missing. You can read people and situations well. You are good at figuring out what to do and say to maximize harmony. You never engage in snap reactions or judgments. If you chose 4, you are Open. You are a peaceful and even dreamy person. You give your mind enough space to imagine and explore. People are attracted to your steady and quiet vibe. You never get too excited, even in the heat of the moment. You reflect first and then react. You observe both yourself and the people around you, without judgment or bias. You don’t limit yourself to what you see or know. You explore every option, theory, and hypothesis. If you chose 5, You Are Together. You are extremely determined, sometimes to the point of being stubborn. You don’t give up easily. Everyone who knows you can see how dedicated you are. If you take on a responsibility, you see it through. You are very conscientious, and you never resent doing the right thing. You believe that working hard is its own reward. You are well-rounded and informed about the world around you. People seek out your opinion and advice. If you chose 6, You are Rational. You are a cool-headed and fact driven person. You like to collect information before acting. You are very organized, and you’re one of the few who thinks cleaning is fun. You need structure to thrive. You are responsible and tend to take the leadership role. You work hard on your professional and personal relationships. You are a big fan of logic, and you can always explain your reasoning to others. You know why you do what you do.

Here is the message for Friday-Sunday~ Divine Intelligence/Archangel Metatron

divine intelligence

Metatron as a conduit of the Divine, is speaking to you through your thoughts and feelings. This cards asks you to notice and to follow your instinct and inspiration. By drawing this Oracle, you are bestowed with the powerful presence of this Teacher Angel, because you are a wonderful human being who can receive the frequency of this call. All genius arises from the Source, and in this moment you are receiving holy manna, because your soul is a temple for the Divine. Therefore, you may dispense the glory of the Divine through each of your creations. Please rest in silence as you receive Metatron’s teaching.
This message comes courtesy of Angels of Atlantis Oracle

A good affirmation to say is: “Dear Angels, please neutralize all harmful effects of these energy shifts upon me and my family and replace that energy with Higher Dimensional, Loved Based energies.”


Have a happy and blessed weekend! Angel Blessings! xoxoxo


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