For the week of March 16 to March 22, 2015

“The angels are Divine messengers of light who offer us guidance… Our willingness to receive Divine guidance is what positions us at the right time and place for a message. If we make ourselves available to live in accordance with the Divine, then we will know in our hearts when an angelic message has been sent.”

– Terry Lynn Taylor,
“Angel Days”
3 random mesages chosen just for you and I do hope that they resonate with you. Remember, if needed, you can always re-read this week’s messages or any of the previous messages for that matter. Something may catch your eye that you hadn’t noticed the first time.

This week is also the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I believe we are well overdue for the changing of the season. lol …And of course there is St. Patrick’s Day this week.

Before we dive into this week’s messages, I would like for you to make an Angel Wish..


angel wishes

The first message of this week is ~Have Confidence~ and this message is for today through Wednesday.

have confidence

This card is a message from your angels saying “You can do it!” Trust that you have all the ingredients it takes to complete the mission that’s before you. Although you may not completely understand how you’ll fulfill this task, have faith that you’ll be continually guided. The more you can depersonalize this mission and know that it’s not about you, the better. Don’t listen to the voice that asks, “Who me?” You are utterly worthy, since you’re a perfect daughter/son of the Creator, and the angels surround you every step of the way.

Additional Guidance: Stay in the moment and focus on one step at a time* Give all worries or concerns to God and the angels* Ask the angels to increase your faith* Trust that God’s love and wisdom are working through you *

This message comes to you courtesy of Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle


For St. Patrick’s Day-


leprachaun name

I am Little Sparkly Pants
The mid-week message is from Archangel Azreal. And this message is for today through Friday.



“Even the strongest person experiences upsetting situations, and there’s no shame in taking time to heal your heart. This is a good time for quiet reflection upon your true feelings. Write them down in a private journal, and then call upon me to bring comfort to your heart and mind.I can help you sleep better at night, and put your mind at ease.”

Working with Archangel Azreal: Azreal’s aura is a beautiful shade of vanilla cream: a very pale yellow tone. He surrounds grieving and dying persons with this loving light to bring them comfort. When Azreal is around, you may see egg-colored twinkling lights in the room. The crystal, creamy yellow calcite is calibrated to Azreal’s energy, so holding or wearing this crystal may lend additional comfort.

This message comes to you courtesy of Archangel Oracle

And the last message for this week is from Archangel Michael. And it is for today through Sunday



first chakra archangel michael

Michael holds a beautiful globe of red energy at the first chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. This is the place where your sense of stability and security is stored. When this card is upright, it reveals that your energy is flowing freely regarding these issues. Even if you’ve had problems in the past, these challenges are beginning to be resolved at this time. Archangel Michael is with you, bringing you strength and personal stability. You are capable of taking action and moving forward on your path, so allow yourself to feel increasing faith in your own power and security now and always.

Affirmation:  My first chakra is open to its perfect,healthy state. I am strong, stable, safe, and secure. The Archangel Michael guides and supports me always.

This message comes to you courtesy of Energy Oracle



unexpected miracles


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