Top 10 Signs You Are Reading Too Much Paranormal Romance


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Many moons ago, I wrote one of these for Historical Romance, and then one for Scottish Romance. I thought it might be fun to do another:

1. You hear that zombies are the new heroes, and, instead of “Ewwww. Smelly, rotting flesh,” your first reaction is, “As long as EVERY body part doesn’t fall off, I’m good.”

2. You have stopped wondering where the clothes go when shapeshifters shift.

3. You refer to living human beings as “breathers”.

4. You have suggested to your pastor that demons are not evil, just conflicted and misunderstood.

5. You may have read How to Date A Vampire, The Vampire is Just Not That Into You, and/or Vampire Seduction Handbook, but only for “research” purposes.

6. You think that the presence of penis barbs indicates thorough worldbuilding.

7. Naturally, you have read the Twilight Saga. You had to, for basic…

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