Messages from your Angels & Guides~For the week of February 16 to February 22, 2015

Happy President’s Day!

Hello my darlings! It is a new week with brand new messages just for you. As always ,these cards are chosen at random. I hope they resonate with your spirit in some way. Have an awesome and magical week!
This week’s affirmation : “I am loving and compassionate to myself and others.”

The first message for Monday to Wednesday is Sun.



Sun thrown in any position shows the answer to your problem is assertiveness. It is raw male energy. Confront the situation like a man, be blatant, cut through the unnecessary words to the truth. There is great difference, between being assertive and being aggressive. You do not have to yell, scream, use obscenities, or become physical in any way. What you need to do is to make the other(s) involved believe your words. Quietly, in an adult fashion, state your case. They will accept it or not, but you can move on with the knowledge you have accomplished what needed to be done. You might think of Sun as the symbol of happiness. See how you feel when you are true to yourself.

speak your truth life tip

This card comes to you by the way of The Mystic Glyphs Oracle


Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I know I have spoken on Lent before as I am Catholic. You’re asked to give up somethinng for Lent. And while I do not ask anyone to suscribe to my own personal beliefs. I do ask that starting from today to until… that you at least practice kindness and compassion. And this is also a task I set for myself as well. I can stand to be a little more productive in this area. The way the world is now , I feel we can all benefit by practicing more love towards our fellow man/woman.
And so this is what this midweek message is about:

angel of kindness


pink calcite




speak kindly

The midweek message comes to you via The Angels Gemstone Oracle.

And of course here is your message for the weekend… Rainbow Wings



rainbow wings

A rainbow is the aura of angel’s wings, which shines even in the midst of storms. It lifts the spirit and give us hope; rainbows shine light into our hearts.

Awaken the child within you and remind yourself of the beautiful and simple things in life. By guiding you to this card, the angels are confirming that you are on the right path. They ask you to keep focused on your dreams and to honor your inner child by doing more of that which brings joy to your life. Even though you may be experiencing some setbacks, you are urged to continue to follow your heart. Do not give up hope, for all will soon fall into place.
Draw a picture of a rainbow and pin it to your wall. Imagine yourself protected and guided by your rainbow. Ask your angels to light your path and guide you in all you do. Sit quietly and imagine yourself surrounded and infused with the beautiful healing colors of your rainbow. Its healing vibrations will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

angels and rainbows
This card has come to you via The Universal Wisdom Oracle


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