Messagaes from your Angels & Guides-1/14/15

Today’s message is Quest


The Navy Trail- Fifth Chakra (Blue)

When I am somewhere else, my life will have meaning

The Legend: Mrs Patriot,the oldest woman in the town of Blue, decides she is ready to set out across the deadly swamp and walk the Navy Trail that no one else has dared tread before. The wise youngster points out that the swamp has vanished- and the path she seeks is already before her. Mrs Patriot see that her life is not elsewhere, but is in the here and now. As Mrs Patriot travels home, the Navy Trail stretches out before her.

Inspiration: You may be on a quest that is unneccessary. Allow yourself the space for self-discovery.

Personal Inquiry: It is time to take a risk. Where in my life do I need to “walk my talk”?

 Key Ideas: Being open to wisdom; imagined dangers; commitment to your path.

Keywords: Courage, journey, answers


Write down five truths about yourself. Look at your list and close your eyes. Imagine the Navy Trail stretched out before you. You may see images or hear a song or feel the sun on the path. Allow all sensations. When you are ready, open your eyes. Did you come to any new awareness about your truths?


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