Messages from your Angels & Guides-1/12/15

The messages for this week will be coming from courtesy of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman. I received this new deck as a Christmas gift from one of my daughters. I find that these cards are thought provoking. And they address issues that reside on a deeper level.


Today we have Acceptance-Cherry Heart



When I accept myself, I find love First Chakra (Red)

The Legend: Cherry loves her work as a waitress, but feels that something is missing in her life. She has a boyfriend, yet she senses that he is unfaithful. One day a customer orders cherry pie. Cherry cuts a slice and sighs to a friend that her life is like a pie with a slice missing. Her friend remarks that maybe Cherry is a heart-shaped pie. Cherry’s perspective changes. She leaves her boyfriend and later, meets a man who makes her happy.

Inspiration: A magical box of self-acceptance appears before you. Your unique qualities reside within. Open it. Are things simple now? Cherry Heart invites you to see yourself as complete, just as you are.

Personal Inquiry: Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? Can I simply accept myself?

Key Ideas: New ways of seeing yourself; embracing imperfection; feeling incomplete; selling yourself short.

Keywords: Manifesting, knowledge, luck


With your mind’s eye, imagine Cherry Heart. She’s glad you came to se her and wishes to give you a slice of pie. See the slice you feel has been missing from your life. Allow it to become the gift you’ve always desired. Let your feelings create a new awareness for you. When you are ready, write down your awareness.



*On Friday 1/9/15, the students at my daughter’s school were asked to wear purple today instead of their uniforms. Because a staff member  recently lost someone due to Domestic Violence. I stand with the girls and staff of The Young Women’s Leadership School. Domestic Violence is not acceptable and it must be stopped! *



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