Messages from your Angels & Guides- 12/31/14


Today’s message from Shamael- the Divine Guide is sure to bring a soothing boost if you have been feeling energetically overwhelmed and just plain stressed out. We all get that way from time to time. I sure do..alot… The angels will wrap us in their loving wings, if you just ask. Sometimes, I forget that, so today if you’re feeling down and out. Stressed over the holidays,bills/money issues, lonely, sick..may the angels bring you Serenity.



shamael serenity

Shamael brings you peace of mind, one of the great angelic gifts. It is from the state of serenity that you can always feel the abundance of the Source, providing for you-as it always will Serenity means that we offer our challenges to God, for the Divine will always bring us a resolution in the form of the miraculous. Allow yourself to develop visionary faith in the ideal of serenity, instead of blindly following the ego paradigms that led you to challenge. Serenity is our natural state of mind, when we yield to grace, and so chant  Ra Ma Da Sah, Say So Hung to bring the elements of your being into the beauty of this serenity experience. Just like the exquisite energy of the Taj Mahal, our love for the serene in life will last forever.

When we meet again, it will be 2015, so I wish you all, my dear readers , A Happy and Blessed 2015!!
Card drawn from Angels of Atlantis Oracle


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