Messages from your Angels & Guides-11/21/14

Here is the final message for this week…..


Angelic Realm: Angel of the Heaven of Creation
Angelic Function: To let our souls rest in harmony




angel of harmony

Gifts for Earth: It can help us to live a harmonious life; seek out people and places which are harmonious; to help us to express our spirits in a harmonious way.

The Angel of Harmony is attended by the most beautiful birds of the air, flocking to the sanctuary of its peaceful spirit. Symbols of flourishing concord, the songbirds show the sense of harmony that good relationships can give to us.


Have a love and light-filled weekend! Angel Blessings xoxoxo


Card drawn from The Angel Oracle Deck


P.S. ~ November 10  was the 1st year anniversary for this blog. So Happy Birthday to Angels & Celestials!! I look forward to serving you and many more for a long time to come.


Happy Anniversary with!anniversary-1x

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