Messages from your Angels and Guides-11/14/14

I am sorry there was not a post for yesterday. I had a very limited and sporadic internet connection. Which can be extremely frustrating especially when the kids need to go online for schoolwork. But I am back with today’s message.

2 more weeks until my birthday..wooohooo!

blessings of abundance

Your prayers have been heard and answered. Your daily bread and other needs are being provided for, now and in the future. Give your fears to God and the angels,and have faith that they’re taking care of you and loved ones.

Let go of worrying about  how your needs will be met, because God’s infinite creative wisdom will take care of the details. Be open to receiving gifts and help from people, as this is one way in which the Divine answers your prayers. God has an infinite supply, and like any loving parent, wants the best for you. Have faith, Dear One, Blessings of abundance are supplied to you in all ways.

You deserve to receive Heaven’s help because you are God’s holy child. Heaven loves you very much and knows that you have material needs. Trust that these needs will be met. Follow your inner Divine guidance to take action when necessary, and God will do the rest.

Have you noticed the running theme yet? Prayers have been and are in the process of being answered. Don’t lose hope and keep your faith+ vibration high..


Have a blessed weekend….until next time.. Angel Blessings~xoxoxo


Card drawn from Saint & Angels oracle


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