Messages from your Angels & Guides -11/7/14

Keywords: *Transformation * Transcendence * Metamorphosis*
Today the Singer of Transfiguration has appeared for us. And it tells us that we have been through the gate , we have passed through the initiation process, and we have reached a new way of being, reflecting deep transformation within ourselves. Things will never again be what they once were. Things will never be seen the same way by us and  this is a good thing! This Singer’s joyful, passionate, bright blaze of color heralds a time of fulfillment and accomplishment.
singer of transfiguration
Jackpot! This card signifies the joy of success after a time of struggle. A new way of life has been accepted and is being integrated. A sense of inner peace is growing. The struggle has all been worth it. This is a time of consolidation and joy, and is both a reward for past achievements and a time of preparation for the next climb up the path.

This card is numbered 11 ( my favorite number by the way)

Angel Number 11- Pay attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas as they’re answers to your prayers. This number also signifies a highly creative person.
Card drawn from The Faeries Oracle

Have a magickally blessed weekend! Angel Blessings~xoxoxo


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