Messages from your Angels & Guides- 11/5/14

Change your life! That’s what Archangel Chamuel says..

change your life

It’s time to change your life! This card represents a need to leave behind old belief systems and ways of doing things that have become stale and out-of-date. When this card presents itself, the Universe is telling you that you can no longer procrastinate on making the changes that you know in your own heart you need to make. Suddenly, everything is crystal clear to you. Change is inevitable if you’re to grow and evolve. Embrace this new direction in your life as liberating and exciting! You needn’t go through this transformation alone. Archangel Chamuel can help you find the new path and meaning in your life that you long for.

Additional Meanings: *Awakening * A sudden revelation that offers freedom* Unexpected transformations* Life Experiences*

~In Traditional Tarot- this is the Tower card~

Call upon Archangel Chamuel whenever you’re searching for something. Or when you think you may be missing an opportunity. With his super angelic vision, he can clearly find a path that will lead your life in a new and exciting direction.
And for those who need that extra boost about life changes, here is an bonus card…

Knight of Gabriel(Wands)

knight of gabriel

Situations: It’s time to take action! This situation needs your full and undivided focus and quick attention. Fortunately, you probably can’t wait to get started! Think things through thoroughly and then act with speed and certainty. You will instinctively know what direction to move in because you will feel such great passion for the cause!

People: Someone who has immense self-confidence and is always ready for the next adventure. A person who is loyal and generous of spirit. Courageous. Enthusiastic. Charismatic. Impulsive.

Additional Meanings: *A volunteer * An athlete* Passion for life* Single-mindedness*

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill 

Cards drawn from Archangel Power Tarot


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