Totem Tuesdays-11/4/14

Today’s totem is so magical….


Chivalry    *    Nurturing Instinct    *    Romance    *    Good Luck

Balancing Male/Female Energy    *    Power of Adaptation    *    Knowing When to Yield

Understanding Grounding    *    Clairvoyance    *    Protectiveness



These fanciful looking aquatic creatures have captured our imagination as a species for centuries. It’s no wonder that when we gaze at their graceful forms, we’re instantly catapulted back to our youth, a time in which we still believed in such magickal creatures as mermaids, and perhaps not surprisingly, those mystical beings have often been depicted in children’s books riding atop a Seahorse’s back.

The form of a Seahorse is at once fantastical and regal, one that conveys a sense of days gone past, when gallant knights rode a noble steed into battle, and championed causes they believed just and true. In the gracefully arched neck and sweeping curves of these splendid ocean dwellers, we can almost see a knight in shining armor sitting astride them, lance in hand.

With the ability to evoke such strong feelings of chivalry, it only makes sense that this is one of the keynotes to any human who has been blessed with this Spirit Animal as a Guide. Thus, if Seahorse has deemed to accompany you on this path of physical life, then you are one who has been equally imbued with a sense of fairness, justice, and compassion for others that often leads you to perform chivalrous and selfless acts.


When a wee Seahorse enters a parent’s life, there can be little doubt that their youngster has this marvelous Spirit Animal as a Guide. These are the children that have a desire to nurture others, a willingness to reach out to those who are injured, ill, or otherwise disadvantaged. And while this is a remarkable ability that will often lead them into careers as adults where caring for others is emphasized, such as in the medical professions or law enforcement, care should be taken to guide these caring youngsters toward healthful giving, and the importance of nurturing themselves first so that their beautiful energies don’t become depleted.

Another tell-tale attribute that will alert the parent, guardian, or educator to the fact that they have a young Seahorse under their care, is that these little ones are wonderfully adaptive and will easily adjust to nearly any new circumstance or environment. The key is in maintaining a consistency with the love, kindness, and consideration that is given to them by the significant adults in their life. For, just as the Seahorse in its aquatic home is able to move fluidly with the currents, they also seek an anchor to help maintain their stability, often wrapping their tail around a rooted piece of kelp until the tumultuous swells pass. So too must their human counterparts have a point of stability and consistency with which they can remain grounded while adapting to their outwardly shifting landscape.


These amazing creatures of the oceanic realms have been honored and revered for centuries and in cultures that range from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Celts. Poseidon (God of the Sea) was believed to travel in a fine chariot drawn by creatures that possessed the heads and forelegs of a horse, and the lower body and tail of a fish. But in whatever culture or belief system that these magnificent Hippocampus are featured in, a common theme centers around their presence as mystical beings that are closely connected to deities and the mysteries of the fathomless depths of the ocean.

For the two-legged who has been blessed to have this amazing Spirit Animal journey beside them as a prominent Guide, there will exist a variance of intuitive gifts. However, nearly every human Seahorse will possess an innate clairvoyant ability that, if not readily evident at birth, may often be unlocked either spontaneously as an adult, or with focused practice. This is in part due to the environment in which this Animal Ally lives, the ocean, which has long been connected to the gift of “clear seeing” and precognition through farsight.

Should you have been chosen by Seahorse as a pupil on this Life Path, then you may already be aware that you possess the ability to see what others miss. But such a gift comes with a counterbalance, as all of life is yin and yang, darkness and light. This is yet another principle that your Spirit Animal Guide brings to you this lifetime.

However, in order to fully understand both the masculine and feminine, darkness and light that exists within us all, and to be able to successfully harness the gift of clairvoyance, Seahorse would have you learn proper methods of grounding yourself first. One need only look to this Hippocampus in its natural habitat to understand the importance of this keynote to his teachings, as he wraps his tail securely around the surrounding kelp. Thus, he is “anchored” securely no matter how turbulent the waters become, and can survive even the most tumultuous of storms.


Without a doubt, the Seahorse individual is one for whom romance and nurturing others is the mana of life. They’re fairly easy to identify, because they will be the one that plans a quiet evening for two, has lit candles to provide an enchanting glow, and never forgets an important date. These are the men that bring home flowers to their beloved “just because,” and the women that add little notes of affection to their children’s lunch sacks or their partner’s briefcase. In short, they’re the perfect romantic partner, friend, and parent. However, if you want to maintain their interest, then some reciprocation is in order. While they will seldom demand that their loved ones demonstrate their affection for them in the same manner that they themselves give, they will take notice if affection is lacking, and this can in turn change your ordinarily warm Seahorse into a cold fish.

If you are instead the one who has drawn Seahorse into your life as a prominent Spirit Animal Guide, then you have the intrinsic understanding of the importance to maintain a balance between the yin and yang energies of life. This means that a male Seahorse is often just as in tune with his need to demonstrate and receive affection, as he is able to call upon his assertive energy to stand up for what he believes in. It also means the female of the species is just as capable of fiercely protecting her loved ones, as she is sharing her innermost feelings with a trusted friend. Because of your ability to be so deftly attuned to both the “male” and “female” aspects of your innermost self, any over emphasis in either, can create emotional turmoil and even physical illness.

For those fortunate enough to find themselves befriended by these caring and compassionate souls, you can spot them by their chivalrous acts. These are the individuals that will hold the door open for another, step aside in a cash register line to allow an elder to go before them, or help someone up from a fall. And while it can sometimes be tempting to take that remarkable chivalry for granted, taking the time to stop and appreciate your amazing Seahorse for the chivalry and nurturing they bring into your life, well help them know just how truly special they are.

Shadow Side

When out of alignment with the upright Medicine and teachings of Spirit Animal Seahorse of knowing when to yield, there will instead exist a stubborn refusal to back down, regardless of the cost, within these souls. This can be a dangerous manner for the Shadow energy of this animal ally to manifest in, as it can lead to everything from broken relationships (wherein they refuse to compromise), to physical violence (when confronting a dangerous criminal).

Another way that the Contrary Magick of this Spirit Animal is likely to manifest, is when the ordinarily beautiful nurturing instinct of these souls is either over-exaggerated, or missing altogether. When this occurs, they can either become the obsessive parent that emotionally cripples their child by projecting their fears onto their offspring, or they may instead be so self-absorbed, that their loved ones suffer from neglect.

And perhaps the most common manner through which the Shadow or Contrary expression of Seahorse Medicine is most likely to manifest, is when their natural ability to remain grounded, yet adapt effortlessly to change, becomes an apparent inability to adjust or find their center. When this occurs, they can become highly agitated, or even fearful, of anything new or different, leaving them not only in an emotionally unstable state, but often resulting in health problems as well.

However, if the Seahorse individual can recognize when and how they might be out of alignment with their Spirit Animal’s teachings and guidance, and make focused efforts to right themselves once more, then there are few individuals in life so capable of inspiring love and affection in the world around them. After all, these are our knights in shining armor and wonderfully affectionate maidens that help keep a sense of magick and glamor to daily life!

Messages and Lessons

When this wonderful aquatic creature shows up in our life as a Message or Lesson Guide, then it’s quite likely because we’ve drawn good frtune our way. The Seahorse has long been recognized in several cultures, as a symbol of good luck. Thus, his arrival beside you may be indicating that all of your hard work and efforts are just about to yield some blessed and/or much needed results.

Another common reason why this fanciful horse of the sea will choose to appear beside us as a Messenger Spirit Animal, is when we’re either about to have a romantic encounter, or when we’ve lost our sense of romance. In the case of the former, Seahorse is putting you on alert that a new romance is headed your way, or that your present relationship will be returning to a more romantic vibration, perhaps because of your own efforts, or that of your partner. In the instance of the latter, this Spirit Guide may instead be reminding you that good relationships don’t “just happen.” He may be asking you to rekindle the flames of romance and passion in your life. Even small touches, like a love note tucked inside your partner’s pocket awaiting their discovery, or bringing home a favorite treat or bouquet of flowers “just because,” can help breathe fresh life into a relationship that’s grown stale from neglect.

Or, Seahorse may have chosen to swim beside you because you’ve become resistant to change, or have been unyielding in several facets of your daily life. In either case, this wonderful spirit ally is advising you that it’s important to know when to stand your ground on an important issue, and when to compromise or yield. Or, he may instead be advising you that change occurs, whether we want things to or not, it’s an inevitable aspect of life. Thus, he encourages you to choose to see your shifting environment as a much needed overhaul, ushering in the space needed to create a new and improved existence.

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