Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/31/14

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!


And for today’s message…….

come out of the closet

It’s time for you to make your real feelings and beliefs known. This card asks you to reveal who you really are to yourself and others. This may involve having a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one or allowing other people to see your true nature. You will be spiritually supported in this process, and the ascended masters will help you to be lovingly honest. As a result of coming out of the closet, your relationships will deepen because you’ll know that you’re loved for who you really are.

Additional Meanings: *Let go of judgments about yourself and others* Speak your truth with love* Allow others to get to know the real you* Trust that your authentic self is lovable and likable* The more authentic you are, the higher the energy and success of all your projects.*

*Amaterasu is a Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess. You can call upon her to increase your self-esteem and to reveal your true self to others.*

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween. Don’t eat too much candy!


Card drawn from Ascended Masters Oracle


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