Messages from your Angels & Guides- 10/24/14

Today is Friday, the day of Venus-The Roman Goddess of Love. So today’s message is from her Greek counterpart Aphrodite.

*Seduction* *Libido* *Attraction* *Sexuality*



aphrodite life force

Your sexuality is awake and on fire, and your lustier appetites are in search of satisfaction. You’re attractive, seductive, and powerful, and a “green light” of availabilty to a sexual partner is flashing. This is what makes the world go ’round, and nothing is more intriguing and exciting than your life force asserting yourself. The key to enjoying this fiery essence is containment. You must control and direct your life-force energy rather than allow it to control and overwhelm you. Otherwise, you can become mindlessly addicted to your senses, which can be debilitating and enslaving.

Delight in your sensual self, but be discriminating about where it leads you. Use your judgment. Raw life force is best partnered with reason and the greater force of love to bring you to heightened state of ecstasy you seek. Trust the sensual goddess Aphrodite as she unleashes your passions, but respect her as well. Her message for you: ” Use your fiery passions creatively, not destructively.”

Card drawn from Ask Your Guides Oracle


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