Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/22/14

Two messages are given today from the guides.


hawk turkey

The first one is Hawk– laying in the head right position means there is a change coming into the flow of your existence. You will see the signs with your keen eye and attention to detail, and discern them before change actually takes place. Be aware of omens, messages from the spirit world that will guide you. Your psychic powers come from your ability to observe from on high, to keep emotion from clouding your view. The same ability will allow you to let others be who they are and where they are in their lives. Although there is great responsibility in being a truth-teller, there is a lightness of heart that accompanies it.

And now for next one(which is another fine feathered friend)Turkey upright entitles you to a gift. Somewhere along the lines, you have given freely with an open heart and a helping hand. You will be rewarded. The gift isn’t necessarily material, but it could be. It could be financial, or come in the form of a new friend or even a spiritual gift. It might be a good time to play the lottery.Something good and lasting is coming to you because you deserve it. Be aware of what is happening in your life at this moment. Recognize the gift when it is presented.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude Affirmation: I am grateful for everything I experience in this lifetime. I overcome, I grow, and I prosper all the time. My abundant blessings, as well as my difficulties, all make me better, stronger, and more alive.

Cards drawn from Mystic Glyphs Oracle


P.S. – There will be no post for tomorrow. As I will be attending Occupational Therapy..  I will return on Friday…

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