Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/20/14

The theme for this week is messages directly from the guides. And they are speaking of life changes, change is not necessarily a bad thing either. So let’s open our arms and embrace change whole-heartedly!!
Another Manifesting Monday has arrived and here is today’s message from the Faeries.
Don’t settle for less than your dreams. Once you make the commitment to manifest an improved situation, the Universe will find a way to deliver it you.”


raise your standards

Deep down, you know what type of life you’re meant to live. By drawing this card, you’re being reminded that you deserve, and can manifest, any situation you wish. The fairies ask you to stop making negative affirmations based on scarcity thinking, such as “I can’t afford this” or “I could never accomplish that.” Instead they ask you to raise your standards to the level that all children of God deserve.

Write down a list of your heart’s true desires, and review this list daily with a feeling of faith and gratitude–emotions that convert your wishes into reality. Then, make a spiritual commitement to expect the best for yourself. This commitment is your “sales order” that creates miracles in your life. As your dreams start to come true, be sure to graciously accept “good” into your life. know that you deserve life’s richest rewards (we all do!)

Affirmation: I deserve and expect the best in life. I hold high standards for myself.
Card drawn from Faeries Oracle

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