Messages from your Angels & Guides- 10/6/14

Well.. I saw Annabelle on Friday and it was ok.. Nothing like the caliber of The Conjuring… This movie could have been better. But that’s just my
Today’s message is Builder.



Your inherent interest in structure and architecture has led you to develop an eye for design and skillful construction. You’re naturally inquisitive, and you want to understand the mechanics and engineering secrets behind everything. To you, a beautiful building is a testament to humankind’s creative abilities. Your soul longs to create because your soul purpsoe is to build.

You love new projects that you can sink your teeth into, especially when you can merge plans with creativity. Even if you’re not involved in literally erecting a structure, you may enjoy “building”
automobiles, computers, gadgets,airplanes or other machinery. You’re also good at starting new ventures, and you enjoy a healthy balance of leadership qualities along with teamwork ability.

You received this card as encouragement to explore ways to be a builder. For example, you can build a successful building from scratch. Or your inner guidance may direct you to build muscles as you get more involved with physical fitness. The sense of accomplishment you receive from building something is your soul’s reward.

Affirmation for Manifesting Monday:I build myself up with confidence to manifest the life I want.

Card drawn from Life Purpose Oracle

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