Messages from your Angels & Guides- September 29, 2014

Happy Monday! Today is the Feast Day of the Archangels.

Archangels’ Feast: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
Archangels are believed to be messengers of God sent to direct, guide, defend, and protect us. Only the three we reverently remember on this feast day – Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael — are named in the Old as well as the New Testament.

According to the Delaney Dictionary of Saints, from the sixth century to 1970, September 29 was observed as Michaelmas Day and honored only St. Michael. Since 1970, September 29 has been celebrated as the Feast of all three Archangels. Michael is known as the great protector; Gabriel as the bearer of good news; and Raphael as the divine healer. (Source: Grateful Living Calendar)

The theme for this week is about seeking out our own Divinity.

The message we have received today is Spark of Divine.

spark of the divine

All life forms contain within them the Divine Spark of the Universe– the Source. An energetic life force connecting all things together, from where all of life evolved. This cars is asking you to connect to that Divine spark. Acknowledge that you are part of the whole. By living disconnected and separate from other people and nature your own life is no longer supported by the universal energies. You need to understand that everything you do, say, think affects everyone and everything around you. Take responsibility for all you do in this life for it affects all future generations. Irrespective of your situation, you still have choices. Make choices that contribute positively to all life on this planet. Don’t wait for others to lead the way. Always remember that what you do to others you do to yourself. Take charge of your own life; become a responsible, caring human being and your own Divine spark will strengthen your connection to supportive energies within the Universe. As you awaken this connection all aspects of your life will begin to flow more smoothly and easily.

Affirmation for Manifesting Monday: I accept that my only job is to manifest the feeling of what I want. I allow my spirit self to then manifest it the rest of the way into physical being.

Card drawn from Conscious Spirit Oracle


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