Messages from Your Angels & Guides for September 22, 2014

Bonjour mes amis! I have returned to the land of the living.  Though I am still not at 100% yet. Plus, I’m working a project that has been consuming my free time. But… I can’t stay away from here for too long though and besides for this upcoming week all of the messages are from the Archangels. They speak of love in the highest order, changing, and creative juices.

So without further delay let’s get to it. Today’s message is from Archangel Michael.


The oracular wisdom of Michael reminds you of the great Master Alchemist, the God Thoth. This priest-wizard has seen through the millenia working intimately with the magic of Archangel Michael. Therefore, drawing this card means you are moving through a rapid period of spiritual growth, and are reminded of the need to employ the art of alchemy. Attempt to turn your base metal into gold, turning the negatives that come from your shadow into positivity, and ultimately ascending into heaven for the supernal treasure-Love. Sound bold italics Hah through your heart for love.
For more information about Thoth :

Affirmation for Manifesting Monday-“I am open to abundance and all life has to offer me. Thank you, life.”

* Remember Using affirmations trains your mind to welcome the abundance it so genuinely longs for in life. When you adjust your thinking toward the infinite possibilities that the world has to offer you, anything can happen.*

Card drawn from Angels of Atlantis oracle

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