Messages from Your Angels & Guides~September 5, 2014

Before we get into today’s message..  I want to let you all know that I will be taking a 2 week break from this blog.  I have several things going on at home that need my attention right now. Please keep me in your thoughts..

and without further ado….I present your message for today…



soul mate

This card comes to you because you wonder if a certain person is your soul mate, and the answer is “YES”! As we all do, you have many soul mates–beings with whom you share a mystical soul connection and life path. Soul mates incarnate with the plan of coming together for mutual spiritual and personal growth. As you suspected, the person, you’re inquiring about is  one of yours. That sense of familiarity and comfort you felt when you first met also indicates your soul-mate bond.

This card sometimes comes to those who ask, “When will I meet my soul mate?” or “Will I ever meet my soul mate?”as validation that this will  occur. Many times this is a person whom you already know. Although romantic sparks didn’t fly at first, you’ll have another opportunity to explore passion together.

Do you hear that my lovelies? This is a VALIDATION that you will indeed meet or you have met your soul mate already. If this does not resonate for you, then this message is possibly for someone you know.

Card drawn from Romance Angels Oracle

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