Your Angels & Guides want you to know- August 15, 2014

And to the end the week , we have a message from Archangel Raphael-The Holy Healer.




Water and fire are the forces brought by the Oracle to draw you into the harmony that Raphaels wishes for you. Perhaps you have recently experienced situations that evolved beyond their creative potential, and now need purifying. If so, use these strong elemental forces to cleanse them, by drenching the substance in water, or by burning the idea in fire. Both measures literally release the energy to the elements, thus transforming them from negative into positive. We need these initiatory forces when we move from one important condition to another, as we see in the ceremonials that use fire and water, joining together in faith. Chant bold italics Hee to provide mental clarity.
“Let your angel tend the garden of your soul, and your path will be strewn with roses.”

– Suzanne Siegel Zenkel,
“Your Secret Angel”
Card drawn from Angels of Atlantis oracle


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