Just For Fun-What House Are You Drawn To?

 Special personality quiz! 

Let’s do another personality quiz!  What house are you drawn to? Select the mansion that you would most like to live in to learn what it says about you.  This is just for fun.  Which house are you drawn to? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? 

If you chose mansion 1, You dream of a Quiet Life.  It’s likely that your life has a little too much chaos, drama, and even stress going on. You’d give anything for a little peace and calm. It’s too loud both inside and outside your head. You would love to just let go and relax. You’d like to forget all your troubles. You don’t think there’s such a thing as too much quiet. You’ve had enough excitement to last a lifetime. 

If you chose mansion 2, you dream of a Luxurious life.  It’s likely that you need a little more pampering and indulgence in your life. You need to be taken care of. You’d love a day of luxury – where time and price didn’t matter. You’d like to soak in some comfort. You work hard, and you want to reward yourself with some treats. Life is too short to be too stingy. You have good taste. You can’t help it if you like nice things! 

If you chose mansion 3, You dream of a Sophisticated Life.  There’s a good chance that your life has been a little dull lately, and you’d like to spice it up a bit. You’d love to travel the world or just learn about it more. You are infinitely curious. You think it’s dangerous to have too narrow a perspective, and you’re always trying to broaden yours. So much of the world appeals to you. You try to stay informed and educated. You definitely aren’t naive. 

If you chose mansion 4, you dream of a cutting edge life.  It’s likely that you’ve been feeling a little behind the curve these days. It’s hard to stay ahead when you’re so busy! You would like to have the latest gadgets and be up on the best new vacation spots and restaurants. In your ideal life, you’d have enough leisure time and money to try out the latest and greatest everything. The future is only coming more quickly, and you definitely want to be part of it. 

If you chose mansion 5, you dream of a beautiful life.  There’s a good chance that your life has gotten a little too plain and vanilla lately. You’d really like your days to be a little brighter and more inspired. You need more beauty! Aesthetics and style are very important to you. You try not to let too much ugliness into your house. It’s likely that you have your dream house, dream car, dream view, and dream wardrobe etched out carefully in your mind. 

If you chose mansion 6, you dream of a full life.  It’s likely that you want more from your life right now. You have lots of big ideas! You’d like to be doing more of everything. You want to have an amazing career, great friends, a family, and enough time to do what you want. Some people may say you want it all, and they’re right. And you’re dead set on getting it. You crave a life that’s brimming with accomplishment and excitement. You don’t want to waste a single moment. 








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