Your Angels & Guides want you to know-August 13, 2014

Today’s message is from Archangel Sandalphon.

 ”We angels bring you gifts from your Creator. Open your arms to receive.”


gifts from God

Additional Message: “Heaven is expansive and ever-increasing. One of the ways in which Heaven expands is through giving and sending love continuosusly. This love is sent your way in many forms, and your only task is to be willing to receive. Right now, the answers to your prayers await your willing receptivity. Open your arms to these gifts! Your Creator wills that you be happy, healthy, secure, and that all your needs will be provided. Releasing any fears of receiving to me.

Working with Archangel Sandalphon:italics One of Sandalphon’s principal roles is to deliver and answer our prayers. Sandalphon says that every prayer is heard and answered(although the answer may come in a different form than we expect). All prayers are of equal importance in Heaven, and there are plenty of angels to help everyone on Earth. Call upon Sandalphon when you need help in allowing yourself to receive.

“Ask your angel “Is there anything I need to know right now?” Sit quietly and see if you can feel a message coming to you.”

– Margaret Neylon, 
“An Angel a Day”

Card drawn from Archangel Oracle

Here are some affirmations for you to use on this Gratitude Wednesday.

Thank you God for a new job!
Thank you God for a new car!
Thank you God for my health!
Thank you God for abundance in my bank account !
Thank you God because I am beautiful !
Thank you God because I am surrounded by angels!
Thank you God because this is the best year of my life !
Thank you God because I am free of depression !
Thank you God because I am free of addictions!
Thank you God because of my family !

What would happen if you say those words every morning ,afternoon and night of 2014? Are you aware of the power of those words?

“When you courageously choose to live a life that reflects your infinite loving soul’s power and worthiness, you inspire others to step up and embrace theirs. Truly this is Heaven on Earth and we all have access to it.” ~ Cora Flora


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