The Reveal to Angel Messages for July 18,2014

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Upper Left-The message you have received is Sexuality.

Your Sexuality is just as important as any other aspect of your being. It’s so important in fact, that not one, but two chakras manage and maintain your sexual energy. Loving sexual contacy is vital for your emotional, physical, and energetic well-being. It can be one of the greatest pleasures and joys of being incarnated in a human body.

You are being asked to look at your your desires, beliefs, or wounds around your sexual needs. If you are feeling inadequate,unwanted, or unattractive, then it is time to begin a regime of self-love. It is time to restore any low self-worth and negative programming you have about your physical body. We are often much harder on ourselves than our partner would ever be. Your negative thoughts or self-image could be holding you back from experiencung the deeper emotional aspects of intimate love.

This card can also be indicative of neglecting your intimate and sexual connection with your partner. Perhaps this is the opportunity to ressurect the feelings of desire and sexual attraction that you once shared. It could also be letting you know that it is important to make your intimate life a priority.

Feeling sexual and playful is invigorating,no matter your age. So put on your sexy and wear it proudly! Have fun with it and enjoy it. Flirt a little. Smile at someone you’re attracted to. Dress up in sommething that makes you feel attractive. Put your energy out there. Enjoy the gift of innocent sexual playfulness.

Sexual energy is a powerful expression of our creative force. You may find that by allowing your sexual energy to flow, your creative energy will too. By embracing every aspect of being human, we discover the truth of own Divinity.

Upper Right-The message you have received is Recognition.

It is important that we each feel recognized and seen for out hard work and unique contributions we make to this world. This is why the Recognition card has come to you today. The Univeerse does see you and all that you do. You are being given the recognition, love, and support which you deserve.

This card can also come when we are about to receive recognition in the physical world as well. You could be receiving an award, honor, or mention. This could be at work, or with a community or social group. This can also be on a smaller scale, in a more personal way. Either way, you are being seen, recognized, and honoured for what you do.

Whatever form it comes in, just remember that Spirit speaks to us through the physical world and through the mouths of others.

Whether you are just beginning, or are already working on a project or idea, be aware that the actions you take now could lead you to being recognized publicly. This could be on a small scale or with the public at large. Either way, your current efforts will be recognized in the future.

No matter what it is you do or how well you feel you are doing it. Spirit is giving you a cosmic pat on the back. You have done well. Now just allow yourself to really take that in–good job You!

With the empowerment you gain in feeling recognized and appreciated, you will then be given the opportunity to begin to pay it forward. Every time someone you encounter does something you which impresses you, be sure to tell them. Not only will you completely make their day, but you’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel as well.

Lower Left-The message you have received is Union.

The Union card represents the energy of two loving coming together in union or partnership. If a current relationship is in question, then this card indicates a positive energy is involved.

This card can represent the beginning of a new relationship, or that is about to start. Most often, the Union card represents intimate relationships. However, it can also point to other types of partnerships, such as business partners, very close friendships, or even room-mates. In any case, the Union card communicates the predestined convergence and soul connection of two individuals. Whoever the person is that is in your life right now, or whoever it is that is coming into your life, is of great significance as far as your soul lessons are concerned. This is a beautiful opportunity for personal growth and conscious expansion of your heart centre.

Sometimes these relationships bring up our deeply held beleifs about the quality of love we feel we deserve. They can help to raise our consciousness and understanding, so that we feel safe to allow this person to see into the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves. With these types of relationships, one thing is certain-you will grow and learn from them.

Enjoy all the good this union has to offer. Be as open as possible to recognizing your triggers, fears, and old patterns of behaviour. Be mindful of when you are feeling the need to hide or protect yourself, or if you begin to fear losing their love. This will enable you to consciously address and heal any old issues and wounds of the past. This is a part of the soul agreement that you and this person share. You have come together to help each other to become whole, healed, and open to love in every way.

Lower Right-The message you have received is Starseed.

The loving,benevolent being in this card had to come to you today to share his words of encouragement. There are many who feel as though they don’t belong here on Earth. It can be a tough journey, with many experiences and obstacles to overcome. You no longer have to question whether you are supposed to be here or not,or whether you belong. You most absolutely belong here. Your soul has chosen this incarnation for many reasons, and the Universe has brought you here for a reason too. Do not doubt the wisdom of it.

You are a very sensitive soul, connected to the subtle energies that weave and ebb throughout the entire cosmos. You may find that you are acutely affected by the moods and thoughts of others as well. Although at times it may not feel like it, this is a gift. It is a special part of your make-up and blue print. Your keen ability to sense and intuit these energies is an aspect of the gift you are here to bring to the planet.

You could be any type of healer or teacher, but this largely depends on whether you choose to hide away from the world or to engage in it. At times it may seem easier to just hide away, but that is not what you came here to do. You carry a high frequency and through your everyday contact with others, you are sharing it. As you allow yourself to open up tp the world around you, you’ll find yourself opening to the higher information and energies as well.

Usually, Star Seeds are guided and directed by beings of a cosmic/galatic nature. This can sometimes mean that it takes more effort and patience when communicating with their guides. The Star Seed card asks that you consciously work on developing your connection with your guides, as there is much information awaiting you.

Cards drawn from Return of Spirit Oracle


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