The Reveal to Angel messages for July 14, 2014

hadinteractive reading 1


Upper Left- The message you have received is Celestial.
The Celestial card brings with it Divine energies of the benevolent beings who are here to assist you with the human journey of incarnation. Perhaps you have been struggling to understand exactly what your purpose or soul’s role is on earth. You could doubt whether you even have a purpose, or if you hold any special gifts or qualities. This card has come to you today to reassure that you are indeed uniquely gifted in your own special way. The Celestial beings who love and support you here want to ease your worry and doubt.

Most people find their purpose almost as if by accident. And although it would be nice to have a magical scroll fall from the heavens, which clearly stated what we are here to do, it isn’t going to happen that way. We must discover this for ourselves. It is the act of struggle, and effort itself, which reveals to us our strengths and gifts. Each unique aspect of you and your life path, is revealed in it’s own Divine time.

Your Divine celestial beings are asking you to hold on to your faith, to trust the journey of discovery you are taking, and to believe in yourself. They ask that you simply take action and step forward–whether you feel confident or not. It’s the movement forward that matters most here. You just might make a discovery about yourself in a way you least expect!

The entire Universe is supporting you at this time. Do not give up on yourself. You are not alone or forgotten down here. Spirit is here with you, loving and guiding you each step of the way. You are on the path you are meant to be on and doing exactly what you should be, to take you where you need to go.

Upper Right-The message you have received is Faith.

How much faith you do really have? Often we will say that we have faith, until life starts to get out of whack and things fall apart. It is easy to have faith when everything is running smoothly, but what about when it doesn’t go as planned? It’s hard to remain strong in faith when nothing seems to be going as you’d hoped.

This is exactly what faith is. Faith is about trusting Spirit, especially in those times when everything seems as though it’s going wrong. Spirit is asking you to have a bit more faith and trust. Being human means out point-of-view is limited and our understanding is skewed and one-sided. From the view-point of the Universe, everything is in Divine perfect order. Everything is exactly how it should be and needs to be, to help you move to your rightful place on your path.

Do not pull back your energy and trust because things are not working out the way you thought they would. It may not feel good, but you have to honour the wisdom of Spirit and the outcomes that are arriving. Know it is perfect. It is for your best and highest good. Breathe, and trust what is. Allow yourself to let go, even if only a little at first of any expectations you have.

This card is about restoring faith, but not just in Spirit. It’s about restoring your faith in yourself, your abilities, in your choices, and in your heart. It’s about restoring your faith in your fellow human and mankind as a whole.

Some of the human experiences you’ve had  damaged your trust and faith. Spirit is holding out their hand to you, but it is up to you to find faith within and take hold of it. Regardless of whether you do or not, Spirit is by your side every step of the way.


Lower Left-The message you have received is Vibrational.

Some souls come to the earth plane to simply experience life. Their lives focus on personal interactions–not the betterment of the planet or on humanity itself. You however are not one of those souls. You have incarnated for a much bigger reason. The core energy of who you are and the vibrational field you carry, has a profound effect on all those with whom you come in contact. You may already be aware of this–or you may not.

There is nothing you need to do to make your energy stronger, better, or higher in frequency. It does not need to be adjusted, altered, or activated. It already is all of those things. By believing that your energy needs to be improved, you are actually limiting the force and flow of it with thoughts of lack.

You did not come to this earth to improve your energy. You have come to this to use your energy! You are an energetic powerhouse and the Vibrational card has come to remind you of this.

You have the ability to effect and uplift the energy of anyone you come in contact with. Spirit is asking that you place your awareness on this.You, and the energy you hold, is intended to aid and benefit your fellow human. In your own unique way, through whatever it is you do, your energy makes an important and valuable contribution to this planet.

It is time for you to claim your energy and the power you hold. By focusing on how you use it and how it affects others, you are aligning your field to its intended purpose–to make a lasting and positive change in the lives of others.


Lower Right-The message you have received is Fairy Magic.

Fairy Magic comes when we are feeling a bit run down and tired, or if we are taking life a little to seriously. Fairy Magic comes to brighten the day and to put some spring back into your step. Fairies love to play, dance, and sing. They enjoy being in the company of their friends and love social gatherings. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Too much of the heavy stuff weighs our energy down.

Have you been working too much? Maybe you’ve been feeling fatigued or lacking a zest for living.Are you feeling the weight of responsibilities and obligations? You could even be too focused on your spiritual and personal growth work. This card will also come if you have been hard on yourself or trying too hard to accomplish a task. It’s time to lighten up, to be lifted up, and enjoy life a little. Get out and play. Turn up the radio and sing your heart out. Dance as though you were a teenager again. Roll in the grass. Buy yourself some flowers. Get dressed up and have a night out with your friends. Just do whatever it is that will help you re-awaken the playful nature sleeping within you.

This is all about restoring the youthful,vibrant energy within. The Elementals are here to assist you in grounding your energy back into the Earth, and to reconnect with nature and the animal kingdom. They will help you rediscover your vitality. You will start to feel better and more like your old self again. You just may find this card will help re-invigorate your intuitive channels and connection with the Divine beings and spirits who are here to assist you.




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