The Reveal to Heavenly Helpers Interactive Reading

If you  choose Angel Feather: The message you received is Infinite Abundance.


This card provides the reassurance that as you  focus upon the being of service and following your inner guidance, your needs are taken care of. The more you can let go of worry. and trust in the universe’s infinite abundance, the faster the flow of abundance comes to you. Always remember that prayers and positive feelings improve situations, while worry worsens everything. You can give any concerns over to God and the angels for healing.

The abundance comes to you in unexpected ways, so you needn’t waste time or energy trying to guess how your needs will be met. Instead, devote your thoughts and actions to following the voice within you. This is your career partner and manager, as it’s the voice of your answered prayer; listen especially to the response that comes to you in the form of intuition.

Hold positive visions and feelings of being financially secure. Affirm that this is your truth, right now. See and feel yourself completely supported….and it is so!  You will be given specific directions as to how to enact the answers to your prayers. It’s essential  that you create quiet time to listen to this inner guidance, and then act upon it without delay of hesitation.


If you choose Angel Cloud: The message you have received is Partnerships and Love/ Nature Spirits.


Infatuation * Romance * Connection * Introduction

Your Nature Spirits, known as  runners, working to introduce to a wonderful new partnership to fulfill your heart’s desire. Whether in business, friendship, or romantic love, these practical guides are leading you directly toward the appropriate person to best support your soul at this time. Follow your heart as they strive to connect you with the right associations. Be more open to others, especially those you meet by chance. Say hello to the new  neighbor in your building, suggest having lunch with the intriguing woman who sat next to at your last business luncheon, or strike up a conversation with the guy in front of you in the checkout line(even if it’s not your usual habit).

In reality it is not unusual that you find yourself attracted to certain people. Your runners placed you in their path so that you could meet. Invite these energetic Nature Spirits to continue to direct you to others who are significant to your soul path. Their message: ” Relax, we will make all the necessary introductions you seek.”


If you chose the pile of dimes: The message you have received from your deceased loved one is “It is beautiful where I am”


” I wish that for just a moment I could share my world with you. This heavenly realm is beyond description. It is where colors, hues, and patterns of all different types sing and come alive.

Here there is a brilliant light that permeates everything, and  everything in turn is filled indescribable joy. Here, you suddenly become aware that you are connected to everything!  There  is no anger or hardness in this world; those emotions have been replaced with overwhelming peace and joy. It is love at it’s finest. It is  heaven–the place where I will be waiting to greet you one day.

If you chose Double Rainbow: You have received a message from Archangel Raziel.



” To the heavenly angels, who possess God in humility and serve Him in blessedness, all material nature and all rational life are subject.” -Saint Augustine

The name Raziel  (Ray-zee-el) means ” God is my pleasure.” A Hebrew tradition tells us that soon after Adam was driven from the Garden of Eden, he experienced illness. Raziel gave Adam a book listing the medicinal herbs that could cure every possible illness See how much we are loved? Even before illness manifested, the cure was created! This shows us that knowledge, caring, and health are the goals of creation. Raziel inspires us to find pleasure in knowing God.

Raziel is deeply involved with us, bringing us the knowledge we seek when we encounter certain mysteries on our spiritual path. These mysteries range from finding the cause of a personal illness or self-destructive behavior to having the desire to access and understand universal truths.

God has unlimited power to know all things. Spirit knows each of us intimately and being the Supreme Consciousness, actually knows the number of stars and planets of space. Human knowledge and understanding is relative and dependent upon experience and learning. Even widely accepted facts change as our understanding of science progresses. It was once thought the Earth was flat and the center of universe. Our beliefs can limit the flow of knowledge by creating rigid energy patterns, which act as veils to filter out or uncover outmoded beliefs. Be courageous and take action to find the cause, enabling you to release from a deep emotional level.

The Essenes were great students of universal knowledge. They perfected a learning method like no other, teaching us to open to the source of universal knowledge, not just add more facts to memory. The Essenes combined three recognized pathways to discover the one and unchanging Source within.  The first path is Intuition, which the prophets and mystics followed, led by (angels) Zagzagel and Amitiel. The second is Nature , view of scientists, guided by (angels) Ariel and Jamaerah. The third is Culture, the value of literature and the arts, as inspired by (angels) Iofiel, Jophiel, and Israfel.

Use your intuition to attune to the Higher Consciousness behind the teachings you are attracted to. Allow the meaning and feeling to activate a powerful vibration within your mind and body. Permit the vibration to open your heart so that you may directly experience the knowledge, harmony, and truth you need to guide you to full awakening. Take action as you accept your place as a co-creator with God.

Begin to recognize the knowledge you have accumulated in the form of job skills, education, training, hobbies, and the things you love. They are preparing you for your Divine Plan. Ask Raziel to inspire you with music, poetry, original ideas, and pure thoughts as you piece together your purpose. It is up to you to use this inspiration and wisdom to fulfill your part of the greater plan for the Earth.

**I hope that you enjoyed today’s interactive reading**

As always, take from these messages from which inspires and resonates with you.  Angel Blessings xoxoxo







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