Totem Tuesdays-July 1, 2014

Today is the 1st of July and the ending of mercury retrograde.

The theme for July is Understanding.

Understanding: The ability to perceive, comprehend, and apprehend.

Affirmation for July: My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life.

 The totem animal for today is  Moth.



Moth Medicine 

*The Secret Language Of Signs/Denise Lynn: 
Moth will beat themselves against a light until they die. Do you have perseverance beyond reason? Do you keep working at something without ever achieving your desired results? Look at the situation fronm a different perspective and know that you can attain those results without striving so hard. Moths eat holes in clothes in dark closets. Is something being eaten away without your awareness? 

*Ted Andrews in Anmial Speak recommends one study Butterfly Medicine to understand the stages of growth and development of Moth. 

*Animal-Wise/Ted Andrews: 
Keynote: Sexual activity, fertility, increased relationships. 
When moths persist in flying around you, a letter will shortly be coming your way bringing important news. The size of the moth often determines the size of the letter and the importance of the news. This and many other superstitions exist around moths and their closest relatives, the butterflies. 

The actual difference between moths and butterflies is not always clear and are relatively minor. Butterflies re diurnal, and most moths are nocturnal and because of this, they rely on different senses. The moth cannot rely on its sight, but has a highly developed sense of smell, which it uses at night. Most butterflies have clubbed antennae, and most moth antennae are feathery and threadlike. 

Like their cousins the butterflies, moths also go through metamorphosis. Moths spin cocoons while butterflies create a naked chrysalis. The cocoon is a more sheltered, outer covering. This can often indicate a need to be more sheltered in our creative transforming activities and relationships when the moth is the messenger. 

There are many thousands of moths throughout the owrld and they each have their own unique abilities and qualities. If you can identify the specific species of moth, it will be easier to become more clear in interpreting the meaning. 

All moths have unique defenses. Some are able to emit sounds that confuse the echolocation of bats. Some are bad tasting. Several make clicking noises to warn their predators, while others flash bright colors to startle off predators. 

Unlike butterflies, most moths are active at night. Durin gthe day, they find a place to hide and sleep. Around dusk they begin to awaken and look for food. As they feed, they come fully awake and they spend the night feeding and flying about. The male spends most of each night looking for a female to mate with. As dawn approaches, they seek out a safe place to sleep until night comes again, and the search for food and mating can be continued. 

The female moth raises her abdomen to protrude a pair of glands and released from them a scent known as phermone. She flaps her wings to send the scent out into the air to attract males. For many years, scientists were unable to prove that such a scent existed. It is found in such tiny amounts that scientists had to collect the secretions of a half million moths in order to amass and amount as small as twelve milligrams. 

Moths are able to find each other by following a scent trail over great distances. Because they are active at night, they need this scent to find a mate. Moth totems and messengers usually indicate an awakening sense of smell. It will be the fragrance of the opposite sex that will most attract and discourage. Trusting in one’s own outer and inner sense of smell will be important in relationships–sexual or otherwise. 

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams: 
Moth constitutes a destructive belief; one that will appear to lead into the “light” yet will result in eventual harm. 

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions by Zolar: 
In Yorkshire, white moths flying at night are believed to be the souls of the departed; hence, it is unlucky to kill them. contrariwise, should a black moth fly into your house, it is said someone in the house will die. Some traditions hold that death will occur within one month, while others extend it to a year. Among some country folk, a moth entering a house indicates an important letter will arrive the next day. 

*Spirits of the Earth/Bobby Lake-Thom: 
Moths are messengers from the spirit world, telling us that a ghost is around. I realize that moths are attracted by light and fire, but once again one must study the behavior of the moth to determine if it has gone out of its way and normal pattern to communicate a message. For example, if it lands on your shoulder, ear, or head and keeps following you, it is a messenger from a ghost. A good ghost will give you a warm feeling; a bad ghost will feel cold and eerie, and perhaps pester you. To get rid of it, use the smudge purification ritual and ask the good spirits to take it away.


Moths are messengers.  When they fly around you
in great numbers, expect a message to come to you.

A Moth totem awakens an acute sense of smell 
in their totem people.
Ask yourself, “does this person smell right?”
They can also awaken an attraction to the opposite sex;
however, if the sense is wrong, then that person will repel
instead of attract.  Trust in your feelings.

Moths are nocturnal so their people
are more active during the evenings and night
than they are in the daylight hours.


*Information from various web sources*




“Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our direction.” – Author Unknown


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