Just For Fun-What Kind of Person Are You?




While you are a constantly changing, evolving, and growing person, there is a part of yourself that stays the same no matter what life brings. Select the image below that you are most drawn to learn about this eternal part of yourself!  What number did you choose and did it resonate with you?  This is just for fun! 

If you chose 1, You are Engaging!  You’re the type of person who is always on. You are very playful, and you’re always looking for new people to challenge and delight you. You are both inquisitive and intellectual. You’re curious about the world, and just reading about it won’t satisfy you. You can be a bit restless and flighty at times. You move on to the next thing freely and without regrets. You are entertaining and a total charmer. People find you more interesting than you find them.  

If you chose 2, You are Spontaneous.  You’re the type of person who dances through life – both literally and figuratively. You trust others easily and freely. You are always ready to take a leap of faith. You believe in living in the present. You try not to get wrapped up in the past or future. You are carefree and enjoy living an unstructured, open life. You remind others to have fun.

If you chose 3, You are Faithful!  You are a truly courageous person. You believe in yourself and the people around you. You are a positive thinker and a true optimist. You expect the best from the world. You are independent yet interdependent. You do your own thing, but you’re always thinking of the community around you. You are warm-hearted, witty, and even irreverent. You think it’s a shame to take anything too seriously. 

If you chose 4, You are Modest.  Your friends and family have a high opinion of you, but you’re still very humble. You are quite accomplished, but you’re always striving to do and be better. You are modest and charitable. You prefer praising others to bragging about yourself. You are gracious, charming, and downright nice. 


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