Totem Tuesdays- June 17, 2014


Your Power Animal for today is ….Flamingo

I’ve been getting some nudges, no more like full out hits from Archangel Raphael lately…lol So this pretty in pink bird,came to me in a vision. After some Googling, I found out that this bird is a totem for people who have Archangel Raphael as a guardian angel. Well, how do you like them apples? lol I just learned something new. And I’m still wondering what assignment Raphael has for me, so while I figure that out, enjoy today’s totem animal.

Heart Healing

Flamingo can teach you how to filter out things from your life, to discard those that do not benefit you and keep those that help and heal your heart. This ability is aided by the Malachim, a group of healing Angels who work under the guidance of the archangel Raphael. Flamingo people often have Raphael as their guardian angel.

Flamingo is also often the totem to people who use psychometry – the ability to sense things through the touching of objects.

Flamingo people do not like to be alone and are usually in company of others. Those with a Flamingo Totem are flirtatious. Flamingo signals a time of cleansing and filtering to find out what nourishes and heals the heart. Flamingo shows you how to follow your heart in all of your endeavors.

Flamingo, within the crane family, teaches the importance of balance. Pink is the color associated with the heart chakra and the pink coloring in flamingos vibrate with heart and emotional energies. The flamingo is a visionary and draws its power from water.

Wisdom of Flamingo Includes:
Ability to filter soul lessons from emotional waters
Understanding the language of color
Archangel Raphael
Ability to maintain soul purpose in group living
Power of Illusion
Open – Heartedness
Understanding how to maintain balance
Working with Group Consciousness
Clear Sightedness
Happiness in Love Relationships
Life Gives Beauty
Flourish in Adversity
True Beauty is Intrinsic
Determine What is Useful and What is Not

Flamingo’s annual migration is among the longest of any creature’s on earth. For survival reasons she travels in large flocks, mostly at night. Flamingo wisdom is invoked for those who journey far, whether the journey be physical or spiritual.

Flamingo teaches how to maintain balance and movement through the emotions. He aids in intuitive filtering and spiritual discernment. Be aware in dream time. Flamingo helps in bringing color and vivacity into ones life along with increasing community activities. Is it time to bring new life; concepts, ideas, thoughts or people? Is it time to work alone or with groups? Flamingo will show how to maneuver slowly and gracefully with care.

Flamingo Teaches Fear-less-ness From Within The Flock.

Flamingo is striking, gorgeous, preening and sensual—a strong symbol of flirtatiousness and sexuality. Pink represents the heart, compassion and connection. Flamingo’s pink coloring comes from diet. Without a proper diet, Flamingo pales to white.
For you this means that you must nourish your heart, your compassion and your connection—to your Self and to others in the flock. Without proper nourishment, your heart will pale.
Flamingo’s commitment to flock-living does not mean “following the herd” (we’re talking Flamingo, not sheep!) or being boring. In fact, Flamingo teaches that you can be true to your Self while still being loyal to the flock. Being One with others does not have to mean losing your Self.
Flamingo’s long legs mean that it can wade into deeper waters while still touching the bottom. Remember that water is a symbol of emotions. So Flamingo models staying grounded even while wading into deeper emotions.

The Noble King of the Marshes: Flamingo.

The Flamingo is a Gregarious Wading Bird in its own family in the order Phoenicopteriformes. They have some of the most unique adaptations like their beak that filters sand and mud from their food, but only if used upside down. It also possesses a unique color pigmentation and has one of the more unique bird calls.
Flamingos are flashy creatures, but not showoffs, unlike a lot of other birds; the males don’t really compete for females attention with elaborate displays of plumage or intricate nests, they just happen to be radiant by nature and elegant out of necessity.
The Flamingo is often believed to be the premise behind the phoenix, just look at the taxonomy in its Order and Genus. As such it has several connotations that this mythical birdhas. The Phoenix is a creature of rebirth, a constant cycle. People who hold Flamingo in their hearts are good at rising back up after a fall from grace. They blaze into new glory after every stumbling point. Which is something truly admirable about their natures.
The Flamingo as a guidance totem is a Heart Healer, meaning it is a good filter to help discern what is poisonous in your life and what can heal your wounds. Many people bring flamingo into their life to come back from devastation. Those who have Flamingo in their heart are also good at this but in a subtle way, they help you see the ridiculous or unnecessary and help you focus on what could help you grow. This is a natural talent that they don’t even sometimes understand. You truly are wonderful to be around when you need to heal, you have a way of making everything sharper and easier to understand.

Now for the things to watch out for.

Flamingo’s are group animals as such they don’t like to be alone, they mate for life which makes them wonderful companions, if not a bit needy at times. This can be overcome and even embraced by the right partner, but you have to be very careful in who they decide to settle with. Every thing they take into their life profoundly affects them. Thoughts, ideas, words, food all of these things have the danger of ripping them off of their path. They can clog your filter, run you down and lead to your downfall. A Flamingo has to be very careful of what it allows to enter their cosmology and even more careful of what they are willing to accept.


I create from the depths of my soul.
I express myself freely in my creations.
I edit my productions, and flow my art.
I am free from critical judgment.
I give myself permission to play as I create.
I create within sacred space.
I purify my relationship with money.
I bless money and respect the power of abundance.
I ignite the desire to receive in order to share my art.
I release inhibitions on my artistic expression.
I honor my perfectionism as a call to excellence.
I honor mistakes as hidden intention.
I move with my mistakes and use them as guidance from my soul.
I am free to follow my heart’s desires.
I am confident enough to enter the void of creation.
I trust that the medicine wheel will lead me to my greatness.
I reveal the glory of my soul in my creations.
My scars, wounds and shortcomings provide guidance.
Gifts reside in what I think I cannot do.
I consider the use of limitations in creation.
I look at obstacles as messages.
I am excited to create my life.
I create my entire life as a work of art.
My life is my magnum opus.
I live in grace, beauty, abundance and divinity.
I invoke the creative muse within.
I am in conscious contact with the whimsical, delicate, frivolous and unreasonable sides of myself.
I give the parts of myself, which I have denied, expression through my art.
It is safe, fun and enjoyable to create.
My art delights, moves and enriches the lives of others.
My joy brings joy to the world.
I find my creative voice and express it to the world.
I am that, I am.



Pink Flamingo: paint, glitter, glue, fabric, perfume, feathers, kitsch, rhinestones, silk, toile, velvet, diamonds, shrimp, sunset, beach, shoreline, laughter, Seraphim


Seraphanite, Rosophia, Azeztualite, Swarosvski crystals, pink ice, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, pink tourmaline, selenite, moonstone, opal, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, platinum, gold, silver.





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