5 Simple Steps to Clear the Energy of Your Home and Office

5 Simple Steps to Clear the Energy of Your Home and Office


I am an energy sensitive person and it is important to me to have the energy of my home and office feeling light, clear and uplifted.  For many years I had the office of my Holistic Psychotherapy practice in my home.  People loved coming into my home and office because I was very conscious about the energy and actively did things to clear and nurture the energy on a regular basis—and they could certainly feel it.

Here are 5 steps you can take to both clear and uplift the energy in your home or office so it feels GREAT for you AND your Clients

  1. Clap around the perimeter of the room. Dense energy in rooms tends to accumulate along the walls and particularly in the corners.  Clap in front of you along the wall as you walk the perimeter of the room to break the energy up. You can clap in the corners from the baseboard as high as you can stretch your arms.  It can be helpful to have a window open as you are doing this for this dense energy to release.  Wash your hands when you are done.
  2. Go around the room and ring a Bell around the perimeter of the room. You

    can see what bell feels right to you.  I use a Balinese bell I had purchased when I was in Bali.  I also use a small “chimey” bell that my friend Reuben had given me that has meaning for me because I had a beautiful Spiritual Connection with him.

  3. Go around the room and either smudge with Sage or find a spray that has Sage in it. You can find Sage at any New Age bookstore.  The smoke from Sage can be quite heavy so I have switched to using a spray that has essential oils including Sage.  Look online for sprays that have Sage in it. Sage is very clearing and purifying.
  4. Walk around and state inwardly or out loud your intentions for the Space. By stating clearly your intentions for the kind of energy and experiences you want to have in the space you set the “tone” for the energy.   You can say “I invoke the energy of lightness, healing, joy and expansiveness in this space.”
  5. Play Spiritual Music in the Space. As your final step play spiritual, high vibration music to uplift the energy in the space to a very high vibration.  I use chanting music.  My favorite is songs are  by Snatum Kaur who does Indian devotional music.   My favorite album of hers is “Grace.”  I would play her music in between client sessions and clients would come in and say “If feels SO good in here.”

Even if you work with your clients by phone the same energy clearing principles apply.  I have phone sessions with my coaching clients in my home office and I keep the energy as clear as it would be if they were walking into the space.  When we are on the phone they are feeling both my energy and the energy of the space I am in at the same time.

The more you nurture the energy in your home and office the more it will nurture you and your clients!  I would love to hear your comments about this article—or any practices you have to keep the energy clear in your home or office.

by Shelley Riutta





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