WEEK 22WEEK 22 runs from May 28 to June 3, and its impact seems to be more intense than usual this year. Humanity is experiencing its own emotional energy – deeply and unavoidably.

2 is the number of sensitivity, and we are feeling this in our daily lives. (If 2 or 22 are prominent numbers in your birth date or name, you are likely to be feeling this concentration even deeper. Of course, since we are all living in the 2000s now, we are all affected.

22 is a master number – a numeric catalyst from which the most balanced form of 4 emerges. 4 is the number of order, method, system, work, and how things work. As we continue to leave the old system of the 1000s behind and move further into the 2000s, our emotions are so strong that their vibrations are opening our minds, and consciousness is expanding. In this…

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