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May 27, 2014



Almost 2 weeks ago, as I was dropping my 11 yr old off to school, I was walking and looking at the ground. That is something I always do, don’t ask me Anyway, it was a foggy and rainy morning, and I saw something slithering on the ground. To my complete surprise ,it was a slug slithering along on it’s merry way. I’ve never seen one before, so it was quite shocking to say the least. The funny thing was that it was on the pavement, there were no gardens on this block. So I go home and tell everyone proudly that I saw a Flash forward to the next day, again it is a rainy and foggy morning. I just dropped my daughter off at school and I’m walking on the same side of the street,but just a block down and of course looking down(making sure I don’t see any worms)…and what crosses into my path..yep you guessed it a

Now this city girl has only seen worms out here when it rains. I never ever saw a slug or a snail in my entire life. The animals I have come across in my neighborhood have been pigeons, seagulls(The East River is nearby), squirrels, dogs, cats,crows that roost across the street from me. And amazingly a red-tailed hawk once(a beautiful and majestic creature I might add). But never these types of creatures. Gastropods, a slug one day and a snail the next? I suppose Spirit is definitely giving me a gigantic nudge…lol

So here is some info about these creatures from various sources.. I have the book Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. It is such an awesome book and it is quite informative.


Slug from Ted Andrews “Animal-Wise*

Keynote: Movement to the light; increasing fertility and divination.

The slug is a member of the snail family, but withiut the shell. They are essentially snails that have lost or almost lost their shells. The internal organs that are usually housed in the shell of a snail are packed into the body of a slug.

The slug is an ancient tool for divination, often considered sacred. It’s slimy trail was guidance in life and in decisions. When placed within a flower, it’s trail was the sacred writing of a future marriage partner. It is a symbol of the male seed, the origin of life, the silent slow tendency of darkness to move toward the light.

The slug is related to the yod in the Hebrew alphabet, both being very similar in shapes. In Qabalistic traditions, the letter yod stands for the occult faculty of touch and of the sexual union. It is shaped like the sacred seed. In the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the yod is associated with the path of the Hermit, the Wayshower or the Adept.

When the slug appears as a totem or messenger, we are opening to higher vision. A new path is opening: “This path (the Hermit Path) and its symbols and imagery place before us opportunities to become a new person. On a spiritual level this path stimulates a greater commitment to the spiritual life. We are setting energy in motion that prclaims to the universe, “I am ready to accept change in my life!” {From Ted Andrews book: More Simplified Magic.} The slug’s appearance reminds us that we will soon recognize and realize the illumination that is always present within us.

Slugs vary in size and they live in damp places. Some live entirely underground. They are most active at night or after a daytime shower. They move through hydraulics. This means rather than moveing through the work of muscles against joints, they move through the interaction of muscles and fluid movement. The body fluids contract the muscles, causing the slug to stretch and push. As it relaxes, it becomes smaller, until the fluid advances once more through the muscles. Remember that the slug moves slowly but steadily, a reminder there are no shortcuts.

For those to whom the slug is a totem or messenger, care of the body joints will often be important. Exercising in pools and in activities that are not hard on the joints will be most beneficial. On a spiritual level, the slug is a reminder that the Biblical phrase, “Ask and it shall be given…” is active within our life. The slug reminds us that if we know the proper way to ask, we will begin to manifest that which we need or desire.

In the slug is the deception of appearances. Most lugs feed near ground level, eating decaying plant matter and even some worms. Many are excellent climbers, and this unexpected ability is a reminder that we can often do much more than what we may have thought physically and spiritually possible. Let others think what they will and then let them be surprised at what you accomplish and the heights you reach. The slug reminds you the magic to do what you wis is already present in spite of what others might say.

Slugs are hemaphrodites, containing both male and female organs, but they do require interaction with other slugs. There is a two-way exchange of sperm between the mating pairs and the eggs are laid soon afterwards. The eggs hatch almost a month later.

Hermaphrodites have both male and female sexual organs. Even though houmans don’t have both sets of organs, we are all a combination of male and female energies on other levels. Whenever the male and female are brought together on any level, a new birth results. When we do this within ourselves, we give birth to the Holy Child within. The slug reminds us that we are on the path to giving birth to our inner Holy Child.

Ask: Are you staying cloaked, afraid to come out and express your inner talents?

Ask: Are you trying to do too much too soon?

Ask: Are we not moving out on our own path?

Ask: Are we locked into the paths of others, rather than pursuing our own?

Ask: Are we ignoring our own illuminations?

Ask: Do we need to trust in our own ability to create?




Snail Symbolism

Snails symbolize many deep and powerful things that most of us might not realize. These little crawlers are more in-depth than ever imagined. Keep in mind that not only are there land snails, but there are also sea snails so in this regard this species bridges the gap between elements. And any animal that bridges the gap between two elements bridges the gap between the mundane and the spiritual worlds.

A snail symbolizes:

bridging the gap between the element of Earth and Water
the spiral or cycle of life, death, and rebirth
the earth’s rotation around the sun
carrying one’s home with them
taking one’s time and enjoying life at a slower pace
Amun – ancient Egyptian ram-god
Tecciztecatl – ancient Aztec god
Fertility, abundance, things coming to fruition
First, if we look at the snail, what do we notice first? It’s shell, of course! Most snails have a spiral shell that in itself holds much symbolism. The spiral to many ancient cultures represented the cycle of life, death, and rebirth…the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. In the spiral one could see the very essence of the Universe…of time itself.

The snail is a rather slow creature, taking its time going where he pleases. While some see the snail as being lazy, there is a positive trait behind taking one’s time. If we are to rush everything in life, how will we be able to appreciate the small things? The snail is slow and steady and appreciates the path that he is on…not solely focused on where he is going.

At closer look and thought, we realize that the snail carries his defense mechanism on his back…his home, if you will. The snail’s spiral shell acts as a mobile home to the ever-moving snail. It also acts as a protector in times of danger. The snail knows how to employ his own body’s resources in order to defend himself against predators and dangerous species.

Before Christianity used the snail as a symbol of the deadly sin of sloth, other ancient cultures saw the snail as sacred. To the ancient Greeks, the snails keyed them in as to when the crops were ready to harvest. They represented fertility and fruition of hard work. The snail was also a symbol used frequently in ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

And just a bit more info…lol



Slug teaches to smoothly move in your surroundings. He shows the art of pacing oneself and focusing on the goal along with determination, strength and persistence. He shows how to move in a slow and steady pace by grounding in attitudes and principles all the while taking small steps toward the goal. Slug teaches the power of letting go of what is not needed. Letting go of harmful thoughts, ideals and emotions, this is how to move forward! It is time to “leave it behind.” He also teaches navigational abilities and agility in the dark, unknown and all that is hidden with confidence. Heightened sensitivity to vibrations, the ability to see with clarity and the tactics of reservation and withdrawal when needed. Slug will show when to move and times to rest. There is great power in this timing. Pay attention to your perceptions’s and senses along with your dreams for they will aid you in the direction you should be going. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

Snail teaches to move smoothly in your surroundings. Many qualities of Slug apply (see above); pacing oneself, persistence, perseverance, focus, determination and strength. Snail shows that taking small steps is the way to reach current goals. Ease of navigation through life’s obstacles, tenacity and holding power and the art of timing. Pay close attention to your feelings and inner knowings. Is it time to retreat and rest? Or is time to come out of your shell and go forth? Snail demonstrates the proper use of defense mechanisms, the power of letting go, and the ability to cushion oneself in life’s circumstance especially on the home front. It may be a time to be more protective and nurturing and beautify the surroundings and home with sensory stimuli. Snail teaches flexibility and completion of endeavors along with balancing emotions and equalizing one’s duality. Slowing down will bring balance and harmony and restore peace within. When snail comes to you it offers an opportunity to show a graceful balance in life is possible.


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