Angel Message for May 21, 2014

 It’s Gratitude Wednesday!! What are you grateful for today? Remember, you always have plenty to grateful for, even if you don’t see it..



You are a conduit of God’s pure light and love; and you bring this healing energy through with prayers, visualizations, and positive intentions.

This is your life purpose!

Although it may seem nonspecific,rest assured that your prayers have helped in significant,specific ways. You are anchoring Divine light and love to the earth, which is ensuring that the planet is safe, stable, and protected. Please keep up this good work, as it is necessary and valuable!

You can also channel this purpose in other ways as well. For example, your natural spiritual gifts make you a wonderfully successful healer. Whether you conduct energy work, counseling, or some other form of physical or psychological therapy,always remember to bring through the Divine healing force. You don’t need to drain your own energy, as there is an unlimited supply readily available for all who tap into the Divine.

This card can also signifies that you can heal your present situation by applying light and love to it and everyone involved. Hold only positive and loving thoughts and feelings,and watch the blessings multiply in beautiful and surprising ways.


“You have within you more love than you could ever understand.” ~ Rumi

Card drawn from Life Purpose Oracle

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