Your Power Animal for today is…..


May 6, 2014




owl omens


Keyword: Omens
To find the answer, you’re seeking, it’s extremely important to pay attention to signs-especially repetitive ones. These are clues you can see, hear or feel around you. Sometimes, these are subtle, sometimes very obvious. These messages may come through a converstaion you overhear, a newspaper headline, you just happen to glance at, a friend calling on the phone, or any number of other ways. The key is to be open at this most auspicious time for guidance in the form of these omens.

These are not random occurrences. Although they appear outside your own skin, they’re responding to a call your soul is making, whether or not, you’re aware of it. These omens are manifestations of Spirit’s directives, so it’s important to keep an open mind and heart to the cues you’re receiving. Don’t overanalyze them, but do heed them. By observing with all of your senses, the wisdom of the natural world and even the human-made world will speak to you.

*I wonder if anyone has noticed that there was an owl mask in yesterday’s card-Third Eye Chakra.*

Additional Keywords: Wisdom; Shadows; Secrecy; Magician; Clairvoyance; Prophecy.


Card drawn from Power Animal Oracle

Psychic Tip: Try tuning into your psychic ability using your inner and outer vision. Be open to receiving intuitive nudges from spirit. If you have a burning question that you need an answer to. Put the question out to the universe. Then wait for the answer using your senses. You may receive a thought, a word in your mind, an urge to visit someplace, to pick up a certain book, the way to receive your answers are numerous (so be open to them). You may receive an answer right away or it may take a few days. It can even come in a dream or be revealed to you from someone else. Don’t make it complicated… Whatever form in which you receive your answer is totally the right way for you. Your first impression is the right one..

Let me know how it goes, share your experiences. I would love to hear from you!




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