Bonus Angel Message for today: Programming a Finger Snap

Here is something fitting for Gratitude Wednesday’s

ANGEL MESSAGE OF THE DAY: So let’s program a finger snap. First get centered and send love, gratitude and thanks from your heart to us. Then visualize white light around you and say “No lower energies are allowed through.” Then put the reflective side of the mirror facing out, around you as well. Then say “No lower energies are allowed through, all that comes my way bounces off and goes up to God to be recycled into positive energy.” While feeling this and envisioning this, next say “I now program this sound (and snap your fingers) so each time I make this sound (snap again) I will immediately be protected and create energy around me like this (envision your white light, mirror and feel your gratitude) each and every time I do this (snap again.) SO BE IT. Then send love and gratitude and thanks again. Then go about your day. You can snap your fingers any time with the intention that the energy is around you again. And so it shall be done. Peace upon you dear ones.


* I did not create this material*

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