Angel Message for April 30, 2014

 ” These Hot Lips Have Some News Blips. Wahooo!”




Make a joyful noise unto the universe! Celebration and gratitude are the name of the game today. Thou shalt have fun! Sing, shout, and laugh out loud! Let those luscious lips of yours smile. It’s a heavenly expression of the good life and a affirmation of what your body is telling you! Yes, you do embody spirit! In Alcoholics Anonymous they call that an attitude of gratitude. Go on hot lips, express all that joy!

* Remember that here in Angels & Celestials that Wednesdays is always attitude of gratitude day! So be sure to count all your of blessings and show gratitude in all you do..*

It’s the last day of April and it has been a wild ride for some of us. And the weather has not been cooperating for most of the month. I think April didn’t receive the memo that Spring has arrived. lol


Have a blessed and inspired day!
Card drawn from Audacious Action Angels



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