Angel Message for April 25, 2014


 We end this week’s tarot angel messages with “Page of Water” also known as Page of Cups in traditional tarot.



Pages are  part of the court cards, which symbolizes people. They can be used for physical descriptions and personalities. As well as situations that surround us. A page is typically a young person, usually ranging from infants to teenagers. And water/cups refer to emotions, intuition,artistic and a dreamy nature to match. Tarot tradition says that Cups people belong to Water signs of the zodiac(Pisces, Cancer , Scorpio) and they are generally fair haired and light eyed. The physical descriptions may not always be the case for Cups people, but I thought I’d just throw that little tidbit in…lol

So this Page of Water comes to you today for one of several reasons.

You need to become more child like, see things as a child does, let your imagination run free. It’s okay to dream. Dreaming unlocks your creativity and potential. Your cup overflows with love. Your spirituality runs deep. Your intuition/psychic abilities is on high. You have met or will soon meet a new person. And this person can be a new friend or a new romantic partner and this person may be younger than you. If in a relationship already, it reaches to a new & epic level of romance. The person you’re connected to is artistic, imaginative and a dreamer. (S)he is very sympathetic, full of empathy, gentle and a all around understanding human being in general.This person can be introverted some times quiet,but a deep and spiritual individual. {This is my interpretation of this card}


Self Love: Pay attention to self-neglect and those things that you do that don’t honor or respect who you are.

Card drawn Angel Tarot

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