Just For Fun-Which Chakra Needs Healing?



I wanted to do something different for this week’s just for fun. So using John Holland’s  Psychic Tarot(keeping in line with tarot week), we will see which one  of our chakras  needs   attention.

Let your intuition guide you ( don’t just choose anything),whether it is by word, which color you think it may be, by feeling, thought, or a picture in your mind. Whichever way your intuition works for you, just go with it. The card you choose will be the chakra that you need to work with at this time.

The cards are numbered from left to right- example:

1-2- 3
4- 5- 6

Ok? Got it? Are you ready? lol Here we go………….


chakra cards back



Choices will be revealed later …along with chakra meanings.


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