Angel Message for April 23, 2014

My young ones are back in school today and even my college boy had to return to school today, the Spring Recess is now over…lol

The tarot angel card we have received today is “Ace of Wands”


Look at the rose which blossoms so beautifully on this card. That’s what the angels are telling us, that now is the time for us to blossom just like this rose. Aces of any suit in tarot indicate new beginnings. So this is a new period in your life. You’ve pushed through the rocky ground, just like this rose, and now you’re reaching for the sky. You have every reason to feel joyful, optimistic about your life and with good cause too. So when this card appears , know that your life is about to change for the better! Those difficulties you’ve had are now distant memories. This is a period to begin something new… whether it is starting a new job, a new love interest,  a new health regimen. Also, this particular ace can indicate fertility and hence new life. So for any of you looking to conceive, the time is ripe for a pregnancy. And if you’re not ready to conceive, then be careful, because again the time is

Life couldn’t be any sweeter as it is right now. And remember what ever your endeavors, you will come  out smelling like a rose! {This is my interpretation of this card}

Daily Affirmation:
“I welcome love into my life in every way. I enjoy supportive friendships, appreciate satisfying work, and actively choose to care for ME! I welcome love. I am free!”
Card drawn from Tarot of the Angels

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